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I made these cookies with a few variations-- instead of red food color, I used about 1 tsp of the cherry juice. I also pressed the dough into a log, wrapped it in parchment paper and chilled in the fridge for a couple of days-- only because I was busy. I set out to room temp for an hour, and sliced them into perfect cookies! I simply melted my white chocolate with a splash of canola oil (I don't use shortening) and microwaved it for 2-3 minutes. It worked great! I also rolled the side of each cookie is some pretty red and white decorators sugar. My families loves these!

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FoodieWife December 24, 2008

I made these to give as gifts to some people that have helped me out recently..I made the batch of shortbread last night, and rolled it into a log to bake this morning. I left it sit out on the counter for an hour, then sliced into 30 cookies, rolled in sugar and baked for 20 minutes. I melted 2 oz of white chocolate, put it into a sandwich bag, cut the tip and drizzled the white chocolate on that way. WOnderful recipe Annacia, that will be made again, happily!

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MaMere January 26, 2010

These shortbread cookies were devine. They were full of flavor and melted in your mouth. What a great combination, cherry, almond and white chocolate, we just loved them. The pretty cookies were crisp, and tender and were a wonderful addition to my cookie baskets. Thanks so much for sharing another great recipe.

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Baby Kato December 28, 2009

These are such a pretty & tasty addition to my Christmas cookie trays. I used cherry extract and a couple drops of the maraschino cherry juice. I didn't read through the reviews before I made them; so here's a note to self when I make them again as per another reviewer. Shape into a log & refrigerate and then cut into circles for a perfect cookie shape.

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Newmsy December 10, 2009

Great cookies! These actually taste better the second day, for some reason. You definitely have to use your hands to mix the dough for this one, and a fair amount of elbow grease, but the cookies were still delightfully tender. I did use the 2 drops of red food coloring, which made them a sweet little pink color, and looked very appetizing with the contrast of the bright red cherries and the white chocolate. I skipped the nonpareils & glitter; I thought they were more dainty without it. I also did not use the shortening in the dipping chocolate (I just don't like to put shortening in my chocolate). They set up fine, it just took quite a bit longer for them to set. I will definitely be making these again (I'm going to have to, since they were supposed to go in gift baskets, but somehow most of them have already disappeared). Thanks for posting! :)

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Kay D. December 14, 2008

I thought these were great. I wonderful combination, definitely needs the white chocolate. I did add a whole jar of cherries and some raspberry abstract (I couldn't find cherry) to the recipe. I am making these for a cookie exchange. I could not find white chocolate squares with cocoa butter and just used white chocolate chips and they were wonderful.

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correan November 23, 2008

I saw this recipe somewhere online and have made it for the last 2 years at Christmas. They are sooo good. Even my husband who typically doesn't like sweets can't stay away from them. They are fairly easy to make, but prepare to get your hands messy, the dough truly does need lots of kneading to come together.

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sharidou February 12, 2008

The first addition to my holiday trays and I'm so excited; just three months to go. These are actually fairly easy to make and they look so delicate and dainty not to mention a great flavor combination. My yield for a half batch was just 24, not 30 as stated a minor issue unless you heavily counting. By the way, there is a reason these are ideal for Valentines Day or Christmas, the weather is better for managing white chocolate which can be a rather fussy ingredient.

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justcallmetoni August 12, 2007

I am giving these 4 stars for taste - excellent combination of flavors. But the dough was difficult to work with, and as baking is not my true passion (I LOVE cooking meals!), I was probably not as fussy about working the dough enough. Made as written using Ghiardelli white chocolate for PRMR 12/10.

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davianng December 24, 2010
White-Chocolate Cherry Shortbread