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This is a spectacular recipe. I thought it might be overwhelming with all that cream cheese AND the white chocolate, but it just have it a subtle richness. I served it for company and they were in awe and said it was better than anything they had eating out. I also thought that it seemed like too many berries to put it, so I didn't put a full two pints in, but wished I had - they all would have fit just fine. I also didn't clarify the butter - I wasn't sure how - and the crust was still fine. Thanks for a YUMMY recipe! -Jen Roth

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Jennifer Roth August 01, 2003

Oh my God! Wait, that should be shouted out louder: OH MY GOD!!!! This was one of the most stupendous, incredible cheesecakes that I have had in a long time, and I make a lot of cheesecake! I cheated while making the crust, didn't use clarified butter at all, just tossed the almonds, cookies and softened butter into the food processor and gave it a whirl until totally combined, then pressed the crust into the pan. With two pounds of cream cheese and more than half a pound of white chocolate, this is a big cake. I actually only had two packages of cream cheese in the house so substituted 2 packages of a soft 9% fat white cheese instead. I normally use this white cheese to make my cheesecakes, and the cake came out great, creamy and wonderful tasting. I didn't have any berries (wrong season in this country), so I sprinkled some Skor bits on top instead. It was a big hit with my guests, not to mention my family! (Review amended because I forgot to give it stars! Sorry Evelyn!)

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Mirj July 13, 2003

this is spectacular! i'm posting a photo for you as it was simply beautiful. my family was super impressed with the way it looked and tasted. "resteraunt quality" was everyone's opinion. the fresh raspberries on the bottom lend a nice tart crunch contrast to the rich cream cheese. the only thing i did differently was to omit the extra egg yolks and i did raise the oven temp to 300, cooked it for 1 1/2 hrs until it was set. i let it cool in the oven, then transfered it to the fridge to cool overnight. it was just perfection!

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chia July 04, 2003

This is a delicious cheesecake. I originally made it for a Sunday School progressive supper. It was really good, but I did not feel the raspberries got the respect they deserve....especially since they aren't cheap....especially at this time of year.. I also did not care for how the berries made the crust soggy.....(at least mine got soggy) The second time I made it and ever since, I left the raspberries out and baked just the cheesecake. I made a glaze with water, cornstarch, sugar and raspberry jello and gently folded in the raspberries after it cooled and ladeled it over the cheesecake as we served it. I feel this way, the cheesecake was delicious on it's own and the raspberry compote was spectacular served on top! It turned out truly delicious and my family loved it. This dessert deserves about 10 stars!!!...:)))

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Connie Weitzel December 31, 2003

Jeannie from Indiana, This cheese-cake is to die for!!! I had been to a place in Chicago called the \

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Jeannie in Indiana September 21, 2003

This was AMAZING according to its devoted fans! I made this for a male friends birthday cake, I used strawberries instead at his request. I just made a chunky syrup, using the defrosted strawbs and sugar in a pot. I cut them up but still left some shape to them. I also put the syrup on top and cut it through before baking. Thanks I will MOSt definantly make this again!!

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Desiree George September 01, 2009

This was easy to make and was delicious. Was a big hit at Christmas. Thanks

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MMMKP2 January 02, 2014

This cheesecake is unbelievable. I made it exactly as written. I had to give it only 4 stars because of the crust. It was terrible.......bland and powdery. My guess is there isn't enough butter in it and it didn't hold together at all. But no problem! I have another crust I can use in the future. The cheesecake itself is unreal. The white chocolate is subtle and adds a touch of sweetness. I'll definitely make it over and over!

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StaceyLyn78 July 07, 2013

I used the receipe for the crust from receipe 84461,makes the crust nice and chewy,also I poured half the batter on top of crust,covered with fresh blueberries,added the rest of the batter, baked,then warmed up a half of jar of blueberry preserves,and drizzled over top of cake,after it was baked.It was a winner with my guests

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caddlac January 20, 2011

I have to agree with the rest! Definately a keeper. Made it for my daughter's 15th birthday party. She said it was the best cheesecake she'd ever had. Everyone couldn't believe it was homemade. Looked photo-perfect. Thanks for a great recipe.

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JustGina410 August 16, 2010
White Chocolate Cheesecake