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This was good! Everyone in my family really liked this chili even my 3 year old. I did use chicken instead of turkey, I added a can of diced tomatoes, and when I served it I put shredded cheese on top and served it with chips. I also only added a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper because I was afraid it would be too spicy for my kids. It had a wonderful Mexican flavor and the next day we put it in flour tortillas and made burritos out of it. Thanks for the recipe.

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kat2 April 25, 2002

Yummy!! I actually just finished eating this. I also used chicken and diced tomatoes, which were both great. I used the full amount of all of the spices and have to say that it definately is spicey...but that's how I like it!! It does turn out more soupy than chili i'm used to...but it was so good!! Thanks!

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DaisyH November 06, 2002

I thought this was great! (Dh didn't really care for it, but I'm overriding him.) I added some jalepeno and omitted the celery. I also used leftover turkey that I had frozen. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be makilng this again.

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auggiebelle September 23, 2008

Excellent chili! I had to substitute black eyes peas as we were low on beans, but that was just a slight change and made the chili awful pretty. I shared my first batch and can't wait to make another tonight! Thanks for a great recipe...

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Michelle Minicucci May 30, 2007

This was good. I wanted to try it since it had molasses which I had never seen before. Though- I didn't really notice any huge flavor difference. We garnished with diced avocado, shredded white sharp cheddar and corn chips.

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WonderMima March 19, 2007

Very tasty. I used two cans of beans, instead of dry. I substituted paprika for the cayenne powder and chicken for the turkey. I omitted the cilantro. Last change was that I used a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies, instead of the can of green chilies. I added it an hour before we were ready to eat. It was very good, my only complaint was that it turned out more like soup rather than chili. That could have been due to all my changes though.

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Jadelabyrinth September 14, 2005

Sorry, I had a disaster with this one. The beans just didn't cook properly and were firm. We ate it any way and then paid the price gastro-intenstinally. And I have a stomach of steel! I think I cooked it on low in the crock ... maybe it needed to be on high? I think it needs a can of tomatoes, too ... but don't add them till the end, or the beans won't cook (well, in my case, they didn't anyway!). Still wondering what I did wrong with this one ...

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Gingernut December 13, 2004

I thought this was very tasty. I made some changes based on personal preferences and what I had on hand (I skipped the chili powder, celery, and cilantro; added 1/2 tsp. each ground coriander and Cajun seasoning, and halved the salt). I made it with chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning. It made a great, flavorful stew and was really easy in the crock. Thanks!

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Marie in NYC June 08, 2004

Fantastic recipe!! I have made this twice since I found it and plan on making it tomorrow. My entire family loves this, but I did use a bit less of the chili powder than was called for. My husband likes it mild, so I add more to my own bowl. I cooked the leftovers down a but so it was pretty thick - we scooped it up with chips, rolled it into tortillas, etc. Thanks for posting it - it's now in our official family favorites cookbook.

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kimberli December 08, 2003

Great way to use leftover Turkey...and even my picky-eater son loved this one! It was quite "beany," but very spicey and tastey. Thanks! I loved topping the dish with the fresh, chopped cilantro...a perfect touch!

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Brenda K Miller December 30, 2002
White Chili in the Crock