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I thought this recipe came out exceptionally well, and that doesn't take into account that it should do even better with a day's marriage under its lid. I didn't mess with the basic recipe too much, but as there are only two of us in the house these days, I lessened the beans by one can. For topping I used some sliced black (but not the bland tinned variety) olives, and some horseradish cheddar, which I accidentally found in the cheese section and who's name suggested itself to me as a great candidate for eating with a chicken chile. Both additions worked out quite well, but I think this recipe lends itself to any adjustment you might personally prefer. I'll make it again, and invite you over.

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Mpulvers September 16, 2008

The overall flavour is excellent and it's very easy to make. Will definitely make it again.

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Paguma November 22, 2010
White Chicken Chili