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Although I love the taste of this cake, it didn't rise much and it is a bit hard. It is moist, don't get me wrong, and delicious, but not fluffy. I followed the recipe exactly, but don't know why it came out so firm. update: I followed the advice of the previous reviewer who suggested to put part of the flour in first, and then part of the milk, and then more flour, and then more milk, and it worked out just fine. There is a chemical reason for doing it this way and I read the suggested article from the previous reviewer and it worked out wonderfully this time. Love the cake.

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jonmatson63 February 01, 2010

My niece requested a white cake for her birthday instead of a healthful one, so I obliged and made this one. I followed the directions given and the result was a tough cake. People didn't finish their pieces. Had I thought about the mixing methods I used in making my favorite cakes from years ago, I would have realized the directions listed here were off. I double-checked on the web and found a page that explains how to mix cakes in the correct steps to avoid it tough. I would suggest that anyone making this cake should first check www.baking911.com/howto/mix.htm. The section that explains the 3-2-3-2-3 Cake Mixing Steps is at the bottom of the page. The flavor seemed to be good, so I think that following those steps would solve the problem I and some of the other reviewers had, but as the recipe was written, I had to say I didn't like it.

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Netgirl's Healthy Cookbook October 07, 2007

Made the cake and the flavor was great! It was really dense. Next time I make it I'm going to experiment with sifting the flour or using cake flour. Just want it to be a little more fluffy. Thank you for the recipe though, it was delicious!

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blondica05 July 06, 2012

I really enjoyed this cake, it was moist and a little dense (which I like, not a fluffy fan) the only thing I changed was how the ingrediants were applied. I mixed the drys and alternated them into the creamed sugar mix with the milk in 3 layers as I was mixing, I will be using this recipe from now on!

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scrapinboat September 26, 2010

The best of the white cake recipes I have tried so far in my quest to find something approaching a box mix. Dense, but very nice taste. I used just a bit more milk to get the consistency I was looking for.

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Kasha September 06, 2007

Nice standby recipe. I used it to make a poke cake with strawberry jello, although the cake was moist and flavorful without it.

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Random Rachel September 03, 2007

This was a great cake. I made 12 cupcakes and one 8x8 cake. I used all 1 1/2 cups milk...using my hand mixer, alternated adding flour and milk until it was the right consistency. They were dense as others noted, but good! Frosted with strawberry icing. Great cake using everyday pantry items.

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StacyMD187373 August 23, 2007

This cake is excellent! It is a cake you are to able change the flavor. I was not going to use this recipe because of one complaint, decided to use in spite of, I am so glad I did. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Very easy. I used 3 eggs instead of 2, two sticks of butter, instead 2/3 cup of butter. Ray

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butlercharles January 23, 2007

I came across this recipe while searching for a cake to make for a cake decorating course I'm taking. This cake was easy to make. I followed all the instructions, and used the ingredients as listed w/ no changes. I'm disappointed by this cake. Prior to making the cake I read the reviews and thought -okay this will be perfect. I was not pleased when the cake didn't even rise. It pretty much stayed flat. I was wondering at first if I used the wrong ingredient like baking soda, instead of the baking powder...nope I used baking powder, and still the cake was flat. The cake is moist, but feels very dense, almost to the point of a pound cake texture. It has a pleasant taste, is not too sweet but still there's a subtle hint of "flour" even after the sugar and vanilla has been added. I will have to resort to a cake mix for tonight, and maybe use the cake I made w/ this recipe as a base for strawberry shortcake instead.

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newlywedws July 17, 2006

I love this recipe I used to make cupcakes for my kids and they love it very good and moist and it rose very nice

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dannif75 March 06, 2015
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