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i've reached the 100 review milestone in fine style with this delicious cookie:) i chose this recipe since i recall my mom using cornstarch when she made these treats too, and i do believe it makes a difference. the blurb to the recipe just about sums it up - delicate and buttery. in fact, they're so fragile that even minumum handling makes them crumble, so find the shortest route from your hand to your mouth:) i was a rather worried at the part when i was spooning the dough onto my cookie sheet, as i seemed to get these amorphous blobs (i tried to shape the dough with my hand a bit - BAD idea), but the shape sort of evened itself out. i topped them with a smattering of chocolate sprinkles had them with a big mug of coffee over a movie - they were lucky they managed to pose for a pic at all, at the rate at which they were gobbled up. thanks again KC!

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eatrealfood March 09, 2005
Whipped Buttery Cookies