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jcmt- Leave out all that jibber jabber after each ingredient! The burger actually looked appealing, but when I saw all that wordy clutter, I didn't even want to bother! The Ingredients List needs to be short and simple, to easily pull your ingredients together...Save the wit for your next show on the Food Network! ;P

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veresabec May 13, 2008

I agree with all the extra meanings after each ingredient! I read about half way down and said forget it! It's not worth the effort!

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Maggie Forbis June 12, 2012

Very tasty (the fam agreed)! I used lean ground turkey with goat cheese in the center. Because I wasn't sure how anyone could get such a huge burger into their mouth, I decided to make them open-faced (healthier/lower carb too), which worked out well. Next time I'd like to try putting a small smear of aioli under the roasted red peppers.

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I Love Figs! December 20, 2009

We *loved* these burgers! I used fresh herbs out of my garden and just loved the combination in the burgers. The wine topping is *awesome!* I used Baron & Guestier Vouvray 2005 and also paired it with dinner. Great Pairing! The *Whine & Cheese Gang Rock!*

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NcMysteryShopper June 24, 2007

My family loved this burger. I liked how all the ingredients blended so well together. My husband is a big fan of mushrooms and onions sauteed together and the wine gave more flavor. I did use ground turkey and mozzarella cheese. For ZWTIII.

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MomLuvs6 June 22, 2007

I made these as an open burger on toasted pana di casa bread after seeing the other reviews about big it is, and I'm glad I did - I think you could get away with making them half-size!! I used normal brown onions as I couldn't get vidalia's here, ditto for cremini mushrooms (used field instead). I found once I added the wine to the meat mixture it was very wet, I added extra breadcrumbs however they only absorbed a little of the extra moisture, and the patties fell apart while being shaped and during cooking. I used ashed brie for the cheese as I had some in the fridge, unfortunately the flavour got lost but I like the idea of putting cheese in the middle of the pattie. I also made some plain patties without cheese which I reheated for lunch today - I think I preferred them plain rather than with the sauce and fixings. Made for ZWT3.

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westivan June 16, 2007

Two changes made by me - I substituted Inglehoffer's Cranberry Mustard and Kaiser rolls for the Dijon mustard and sourdough bread. I did use Cavet Pinot Grigio and plain Chevrion goat cheese. We had a backyard picnic since this was the last day of Carly's school year and so I left out (sigh) the suggested glass of wine (sigh. Made and enjoyed for ZWT3.

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Julie B's Hive June 15, 2007

I liked it very much, but unfortunately, for me anyway, the roasted peppers got lost in the overall flavor. I would add just a bit more garlic, only 'cause I love the stuff. Our son said it was ok and to him tasted just like any other burger too him except the cheese is on the inside. Our daughter isn't a big fan of thyme, so suggested either leave it out next time or cut way back for her. She also suggested some slices of pickle with the cheese would be nice. LoL! My husband loved the onion/mushroom combo and also said the same about the roasted peppers as I did. Overall a tasty burger, but huge! I wasn't able to get my hands on sour dough bread, so subbed Italian hamburger buns. Needed 3 napkins for this. LoL! Made for ZWT 3. :)

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Lori Mama June 11, 2007

This burger is delicious and well-designed. The burgers are HUGE and I'm afraid they are just too rich for me. The flavors are awesome. I would happily make this for company, without the bread/bun, as a main dish--the mushrooms and onions as a side dish. Where I had choices, I used some very nice goat cheese from the farmer's market and pinot grigio. The rest exactly as specified.

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BarbryT June 11, 2007

This recipe is so different and really well done! Thank you for it - it'll be on our regular play list especially for company. I have to admit to messing up when I converted the ground turkey from pounds into kg - guess I got into the chardonnay a bit too early....anyway - ended up with WAY too much meat and huge monster burgers!! The 20 year old males in the house tonight loved that though and thought them perfect that way. I couldn't find sourdough at the market so substituted with Kalamata Olive bread which is a great crusty dense bread with a hint of fresh roesmary. Worked really well with the other flavours. Good job team - I'm impressed by your ingenuity with this one.

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Debi June 10, 2007
Whine and Cheese All the Thyme Burger