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This is really, really good. I had wheatberries with cream at a little coffee shop in Ashland, Oregon many years ago. Delicious. This is a wonderful dish that takes the wheatberries and dresses it (them?) for an elegant company dinner. But, no need to wait for an occasion. This dish is just good, and compliments burger patties, steaks or a standing rib roast. Leftovers are great for lunch the next day.

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Countrywife January 21, 2004

Excellent! Perfect texture and it smelled so good while cooking. I love how the flavors meld! Thank you P4.

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MissHermes August 12, 2010

OK, I know you said not to change anything, but I didn't have all the ingredients, and I really wanted to make this. I substituted Kashi for the wheatberries, and chopped dried cranberries for the currants, and pecans for the almonds (just because I like pecans). It was just fantastic. I was a little concerned that DH would not like it, he usually turns his nose up at dishes that a little "different". He did ask several questions before he ate it, but he but he really liked this, because he went back for more. I loved it, and can't wait to have the leftovers for my lunch.

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Scout33 January 04, 2008

This was delightful. BF kept saying that it reminded him of trail mix between the chewy wheatberries, currants, and almonds. I imagine this would be incredibly versatile- we had it with a roasted brined organic free range chicken, which was terrific. But I could imagine this being good with just about anything- I am hoping there will be leftovers for me to try cold tomorrow! We did substitute brown basmati rice for the white called for in the recipe and had to leave out the parseley because I forgot it at the store. The flavor is at once mellow, tangy, hearty and light. Just terrific- I would definitely make again...and a plus! Especially if made with brown rice, this is a healthy side! And who could say no to that? ;)

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Roosie August 24, 2004

Very good. My husband loved it and requested it again- tomorrow.

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ksenko June 20, 2004
Wheatberries with Fragrant Spices, Currants & Almonds