Wheat Balls With Tomatoes (Vegan Meatballs, Aka Kibbeh Heelah)

Total Time
1hr 30mins
Prep 45 mins
Cook 45 mins

07/07/07:This recipe is an old Arabic main dish for meatless meatballs. Nowadays, we call this vegan. It is something that I grew up with and just adore. My vegan friends are happy to have such a tasty dish. Served with a fresh salad (if you can top that salad with fresh peppermint, all the better) and a vinegar and olive oil dressing, you will know that you are eating right! 01/06/09: Made this for the church potluck using the juice of only two lemons and using a 6 oz. can of tomato paste. I believe that the flavor was much better. Taste your sauce as you season it! My apologies to Syrinx.

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  1. For Wheat Balls:.
  2. Knead with water to form into 1 to 1 1/2" balls.
  3. Fill a large pot halfway with water, bring to a boil, gently add balls to water and cook for about twenty minutes.
  4. Check the inside of a ball to make certain that they are done. If so, they should not have clumps of flour on the inside.
  5. For Sauce:.
  6. Bring tomato paste and lemon juice to a low boil, then simmer for fifteen minutes.
  7. Meanwhile, fry onions in oil until cooked; add garlic and coriander and cook for another minute.
  8. Add to tomato sauce and simmer for half an hour.
  9. Pour sauce over kibbeh and serve.


Most Helpful

This is a very interesting recipe, quite unlike anything I have ever eaten before. The Wheat Balls are very dense, and I wondered at first whether I had made them correctly. The sauce (with five lemons) was extremely lemony, but had a fabulous texture and appearance, and it went very well with the chewy blandness of the Wheat Balls. The recipe made 32 Wheat Balls, which I served with the sauce, and with salad and mint, as recommended - we all agreed that it worked very well as a dish and that we liked it a lot. Next time, I will add more coriander, because we couldn't really taste it in the finished product. I reheated leftover Wheat Balls by boiling them in water for ten minutes - not only did they hold their shape, but they tasted great with butter and chopped mint! Thank you for introducing me to something truly new to us! Reviewed for Pick A Chef, Fall 2007.

Syrinx September 18, 2007

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