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This made excellent bread which stayed quite moist. I used the bread machine to make the dough, and it couldn't have been easier...a wonderful way to use up left-over egg yolks.

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Sweet Baboo December 04, 2008

I love this bread. I had yolks to use up and this worked beautifully. It was the smoothest nicest yeast bread I've ever made. I omitted the orange zest because I didn't have any, but glazed it with Orange Glaze which worked out beautifully. I'll be using this one again.

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ladypit July 12, 2008

I made this in my breadmachine, leaving out the 1/4 water. It worked well. I used chopped apricots, rathern than cranberries. A delicious bread, and one I will use again. Thanks Juleson.

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Sherrie-pie February 04, 2008

Awsome! I had 7 egg yolk after making a flourless,no-carb cocolate cake with eggs whites (7),butter, chocolate and Splenda.(from Julesong # 3199,which was great! Had 7 big yolks left, look in Receipe Zaar and found the perfect use for them. It went together in the usual time for a yeast bread with two rising. Did the whole thing in Kitchen Aid mixer with dough hook, and kneaded a good l0 minutes with th machine. Then folded in nuts and cranberries,did the risings, put in Angel-Food pan by making a circle of the dough. It rose so high I coverd top with aluminum foil, and it still got very brown, but flaky. I skimped on the salt because of my high blood pressure, but it could have used a little more for better flavor. Beautiful, BIG,coffee cake ring, would be great frosted and toasted. Great recipe. Betty williams #217866

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Vermont Tar Heel May 28, 2005

This was really good. I love the yeasty flavor and it's great toasted for breakfast in the morning. I'm thinking too that next time I may make a powdered sugar icing like you use on cinnamon rolls to put on top.

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Mysterygirl December 16, 2003

Terrific! I made a double batch, as I had 8 egg yolks left from a pavlova. Tested the bread hooks on my new mixer, and happy on all counts. This is a lovely bread, very tasty and a great texture. I made one in a loaf pan and the other in a bundt pan - very pretty and effective. I substituted olive oil for canola, and oat milk for skim milk, and the flavour is lovely. They are in the freezer for a big function later, and before I serve, I will glaze. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!!

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Tricia Mendes September 20, 2010
What-to-Do-with-All-the Egg-Yolks Bread