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Thank you WI Cheesehead, this was exactly the recipe I was looking for. And, yes, it did originally come as a recipe on the side of a box of mac 'n cheese which is probably why I lost the little thing in the first place.
I like to make it with a regular 16 oz box of macaroni and just double the cheese. But that's me.

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SelmaPatty February 07, 2012

My family enjoyed this .I was only so so on it. It sure makes a box of mac n cheese go a long way. I used ground beef, red peppers and ketchup ( was out of tomato paste)also used mozza and cheddar cheese. I did taste testing before putting in a casserole and found it bland so added about 1/4 cup of salsa verde and a very big dash of chilpolte chili powder. It needs extra seasoning but as is would be good for kids who don't like spices etc. Next time I think I will add some cubed cheese to the mix.I made this for the "My 3 chefs" fall 2008 contest

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wicked cook 46 November 19, 2008
Western Macaroni and Cheese Dinner