Total Time
1hr 30mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 1 hr

Tender beautifully flavoured chicken with a crunchy beautifully flavoured coating. It just doesn’t get any better. KFC was good but West is Best!

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  1. Rinse chicken, cut off excess fat, cut any very big pieces in half.
  2. Combine Buttermilk, a few squirts of Tabasco Sauce and eggs in a bowl; whisk to blend well.
  3. (Tip: Marinating for a few hours in the Buttermilk mixture gives the chicken more flavour).
  4. In a large container with a lid, combine and sift the flour and dry ingredients.
  5. (Tip: I use a coffee grinder to powder the herbs to help release their flavour!).
  6. Dip the pieces of chicken in the Buttermilk mixture; let excess drip off back into the bowl. Then put a few chicken pieces in the dry ingredients container, put the lid on and shake to coat thoroughly (a plastic bag would probably work just as well but I like to think I’m getting some use out of Shirl’s Tupperware). Place coated pieces on a rack and repeat with remaining chicken pieces. Leave them for about 30 minutes for the coating to get nice and moist.
  7. Heat oil in fry pan to 6 o’clock position on stove top element control. When oil is hot, but not smoking, fry chicken, a few pieces at a time until only light brown on both sides (don’t crowd that pan). After frying each batch, place them on a rack in a 160º(about 320F) oven (don’t forget to put a tray under the rack to catch the drips!). This process is important, as it both drains excess oil from the chicken as well as finishes cooking it in a very effective salute to healthy cooking!
  8. Chicken breasts will take a little less time than boney pieces – thighs take the longest, so cook thighs and legs first. That way they will spend a bit longer in the oven than the breasts. Pierce with a fork to see if juices run clear to check for doneness. The end result is simply fantastic.
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Your directions were very well written and the taste of the chicken was just superb, I didn't even want to cover it up with pepper gravy! Only thing I skipped out on was the Tabasco sauce. I think I've found my new go-to recipe for chicken! Served with green bean casserole and Crumb-Coated Potato Halves for a great meal. Made for August Aussie Swap - Joey adoption, hope your enjoying Recipezaar Puckles!

Michelle_My_Belle August 26, 2008