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You can view a list of the chili ingredients at Wendys official website. Just click on "nutrition facts". According to it there are only kidney beans and chili beans in it. And in addition to the onion and green pepper it also calls for celery.

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jangarrett71 February 21, 2010

I must say, this is really a "fool proof" recipe! First of all, I didn't have any bell pepper. I only had 1 can tomato sauce. I used the stewed tomatoes, pinto, kidney, and ranch style beans. I also used diced tomatoes, but didn't have Rotel. I searched my cabinet to see what I could use for more tomato sauce, and saw some "no name beans in tomato sauce" that someone from Canada left here a couple years ago, so threw them in. (They were more like Pork and Beans, without the pork). I also didn't have any chili seasoning, so I used a package of taco seasoning. I added 2 tablespoons of chili powder in hopes of making it taste somewhat like chili. I started it cooking on top of the stove, but, my pan kept burning, even though I added more liquid. I put it into the crock pot and decided to taste it at this point. Ate a small bowl, it was good! I cooked it in the crock pot for less than an hour while I made cornbread. Took out a bowl and that was the end of the cooking, it was great! I agree totally with "Love to Bake Dem Bones review on Jul 18, 2009. I've worked in many restaurants in several states and that is exactly what they do and so much worse. I also worked in a brand new supermarket the day they opened. I worked in the bakery -- all I can say is YIKES! I always told my kids, "If you have any doubts that your body is wonderfully made, just look at the people that eat in restaurants and from bakeries, that can still walk around!" Anyway, it is much better to make your own and this is a wonderful recipe! Thank you very much.

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mamamain June 20, 2010

Nope I worked for wendy's and made their chili. They use 1 large can of chili base, 1 large can of pinto beans, 1 med. size can of dark red beans (kidney beans) 1 pkg chili mix, onions and bell peppers, and the left over hamburger meat when the time expires on it at the grill. So instead of throwing it away they chop it up and put it into the chili. Yum!

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Love to Bake Dem Bones July 18, 2009

This ISN"T Wendy's chili clone.

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Amberngriffinco August 03, 2012

so i also worked there and what is actually in there is: the kidney beans and pinto beans, onion, bell pepper, hamburger meat, and wendys blend of chili seasoning. its actually alot easier than what this recipe says....

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mmolina12 March 18, 2012

This is a good basic Chili recipe and somewhat mimics Wendy's but they use their own spices and there's celery in it, which partly gives it its distinct favor.

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twessel October 25, 2007

This is the best chili I have ever made. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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jen42713 November 08, 2015

I have made this twice now and LOVE IT!! I did this in the crock pot on low for 8 hours both times and it was so good. It was great just as recipe is written. Not everyone likes their chili hot but I did add a little red pepper flakes and a few dashes of Texas Pete for more heat. Some say it's not "Wendy's Chili" ....I say "IT IS DELICIOUS AND WORTH TRYING"!!!

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khhappy March 18, 2014
Wendy's Chili Recipe