Welsh Salad Dressing

Total Time
5 mins
12 mins

ZWT6 - Great Britain

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  1. Mix egg, sugar, salt and pepper together. Add flour and mustard.
  2. Keep it a nice smooth paste.
  3. Add melted butter, milk, water and lastly vinegar.
  4. Cook over low heat until as thick as cream. Do not boil.
  5. Keep in refrigerator.
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My grandmother used to make a boiled salad dressing in the 1940s and 1950s. I loved it, and didn't like mayonnaise which became popular then because it seemed too oily to me. I was used to the boiled dressing taste I just made a batch of this using cider vinegar. It was too sour for me. I wound up adding a total of three tablespoons of sugar and a bit more salt. It is still very tart but tastes good. It's cooling in the fridge right now... I hope it mellows a little as it chills. Thank you for the old-fashioned recipe.

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Very nice dressing. Had it on a fresh salad tonight and everyone really liked it. Thanks for a new dressing. Made for ZWT6 Voracious Vagabonds.