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So years and years ago my grandmother used to cook me what I fondly called 'spew'. It never had another name that I knew of. The last time I had this I was approx 14, and I am now 45 and have still been looking for the recipe. My friend advised me on what she thought it was called, 'welsh rarebit' and I started looking at recipes. I have tried 4 so far and all wrong, until now. I cooked this one tonight for dinner and I am ecstatic! This was EXACTLY the very same recipe and taste that I grew up with and now I can finally teach it to my 25 year old. I missed feeding it to her by about 23 years but better late than never. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Tracy M. January 10, 2016

I made this for one today Joy, moi! I used 2 slices of toast as it was my brekkie and lunch, a brunch. It was difficult to cut back on 1 egg, so I made the full amount of rarebit mixture and have the rest in the fridge. I am always amazed at the different rarebit recipes we have in the UK, and I had never made one with egg before, and I LOVED it this way thanks! I grilled it until the rarebit brown bits appeared on top, just like my mum used to do and enjoyed this with fresh salad and tomatoes. Made for Aussie/NZ recipe swap, thanks for sharing a British Classic Joy! FT:-) PS. I used some very mature Farmhouse Cheddar for a tangy flavour, Mmmmm!

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French Tart February 05, 2010

The sauce was very easy to prepare and was quite tasty. I wasn't sure how long to leave the rarebit under the broiler and unfortunately burned the first batch. I started over and it was ready in about 3 minutes. I am looking forward to trying the sauce on vegetables, as the recipe poster has suggested as an another option. I think it would be great over broccoli.

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HeatherFeather August 31, 2009

Five stars! I used a local extra aged yellow Farmhouse Cheddar cheese along with a lovely freshly baked French White bread from our favorite bakery, and the rarebit topping was perfection! This was very much enjoyed by DH and myself for an afternoon snack today. Made for the Wales leg of the Great Britain Virtual Culinary Tour in the Britain & Ireland forum. Thank you, JoyfulCook!

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BecR August 31, 2009
Welsh Rarebit