Weight Watchers "pink Fluff"

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

4pts per serving From the Weight Watchers site

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  1. Mix the pudding directly from the envelope with.
  2. the cool whip.
  3. Empty pineapple w/juice into the cherry pie filling.
  4. Combine the cool whip with the pie filing and chill.
  5. Note: servings are a guess.
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Devoured! This was the perfect answer to my sweeth tooth craving.

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Although I usually try to follow a 1st time recipe as written, I'm also like to use full containers of an ingredient (when possible), & I did just that here! A full can of the pie filling, the pineapple, Cool Whip AND pudding, & it all worked out just fine! Probably made 5 servings for us, but then, when we like something (& this, we liked, a lot!), our servings are usually pretty big! [Tagged, made & reviewed in the current Think PINK event]

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This is a fabulous fruit salad "fluff". I had to make a few minor changes. I could not find the white chocolate pudding mix so used french vanilla and I made my own whipped topping. The smallest box of pudding is 3 ounces so I tried to "eyeball" one ounce and then just ended up using the whole thing and added a bit more crushed pinapple to make up for it. It set up just fine with this little adjustment. The flavors are great and not overly tart like I was expecting. A very pretty dish to set on the table too! Made in honor of the Think Pink Event Oct 2009 in the Cooking Games with Friend Forum.