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5 stars especially considering the low cal/fat of this recipe. Didn't have yogurt, so used sour cream and it worked great. Also used 1/3 of a large fresh peach diced.

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ducks5 July 22, 2011

Amazing scones. They pack a lot of lovely peach flavor without a lot of fat. I used Splenda for the sugar, fat free plain yogurt with a small splash of pure vanilla extract and soft tub margarine. They are fluffy soft inside, moist and very tender. I must also say that I love that this recipe makes 4 because I always have to cut the bigger recipes back and as good as the Zaar conversion tool is I sometimes think that the results might be better if I didn't have to resize from 24 to 6. Thanks you Teresa for a great recipe that I will make over and over!

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Annacia March 04, 2008

Really enjoyed these scones - loved the cake-like batter and the chewy texture of the fruit. Easy to make and just enough for breakfast. Will definitely make again and experiment with other fruits as well.

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DailyInspiration March 07, 2015

Just made a batch of these and they turned out quite good. I made a few changes, used whole wheat flour, cinnamon and cinnamon chips instead of peaches, and they were delicious. Will definitely make these again. Thanks for a quick and tasty recipe!

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imarunnergirl October 02, 2013

Was so glad the intro to this recipe said you can use any dried fruit you like as after I started making found that DH had eaten up the dried peaches. But I did have Fruit Bits which worked out very well and was still very tasty. I made using whole wheat flour and Splenda. We really liked that these scones were low fat, just the right amount for two and could be made using whatever dried fruit you are in the mood for. Thanks for the post, you know we will be enjoying again.

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Debbwl June 24, 2012

Pretty much followed your recipe right on down, although I diced the peaches pretty small rather than just chopping them! My oven time was almost 18 minutes, but that wasn't a big thing either! Thoroughly enjoyed these tasty scones & also the fact that they weigh heavily (maybe not the phrase to use!) on the healthy side! Thanks for sharing! [Made & reviewed in Zaar Stars Tag]

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Sydney Mike June 07, 2011

Other than being a little doughy (next time I will try cooking them longer), these scones are wonderful. I used powdered sugar on top, but otherwise kept true to the recipe. This is also a good recipe for just 2 people. Nice, light, and tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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2Bleu April 24, 2011

These had a really good flavor. Mine were doughy on the inside, but I believe this was because I had to make them gluten free. Will try these again with another type of gluten free flour as I liked that the recipe makes a small amount. Thanks for posting this Teresa! Made for Zaar Stars Tag.

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LARavenscroft January 19, 2010

These scones are really, really YUMMY! They have a very fruity flavour and are perfect for breakkie on a summer's day. Like smelly I too used half whole wheat flour and half a fresh peach for 4 scones, cause thats what I had on hand. The peach and vanilla go so well together. Mmmm! I also luv how low in fat and calories these are! Ill surely make them again, maybe using some other dried or fresh fruit. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing with us, Teresa! Made and reviewed for Potluck Tag August 09.

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Lalaloula September 03, 2009

I think these are really good considering they are a WW recipe. The yogurt gave the dough a really sticky texture that the kneading helped with. I like the flavor the yogurt gives to these along with the peaches. The scones have a mildly tangy flavor with peach that is not too overwhelming. The flavors just naturally go together! Everyone enjoyed. Thanks for sharing! ~Sue

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Sue Lau March 13, 2009
Weight Watchers Peach Scones