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Please tell your co-worker she has a blasted, immense, stupendous, recipe on her hands! Man, these are great in every, single, way! I didn't change anything except used up some red potatoes from my garden. They worked perfectly, and added a great visual, a speck of color to the cauliflower, and they turned out beautifully! Will make this often, because they are that gosh, darn, good! Loved, loved, the garlic just boiling away with the cauli, and the taters. Mashed right into the whole thing. Thanks for posting such a great recipe!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm February 26, 2012

These potatoes are deeeelicious!! Even my DH, who doesn't like to try new things, loved these! It may defeat the purpose, but he went back for a second helping! I used some minced garlic but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. It's such a good way to sneak in an extra vegetable and omit some carbs from the extra potatoes. Thanks for this great recipe. I'll be using it often!

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Whisper August 29, 2014
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