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I will quote the Chef whose recipe this is; "it's pretty darn nice for something fat-free" (!!!) I added my juice, a bit of all-spice and some ginger right to the mixture before baking - which turned out to be a happy mistake because I loved the result. I also baked my mixture in a silicone baking dish instead of a loaf tin, so it was a bit more of a "cake" for me - which was also just fine. The cake itself was luciously moist!! I loved the sweet-tart of the orange and lemon combo and the flecks of texture and color that the zest lent. There was a nice... almost buttery quality, perhaps from the chickpeas... that was delightful. Very light, very refreshing - perfect for summer days or really any day you want to make brighter!!! Thank you Wendy-Bob for a lovely treat!!

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free-free May 25, 2007

I couldn't resist making this as it sounded strange. Strange it wasn't, instead delicious. Very moist and almost a creamy texture. I'm on Core so this was a freebie for me. Definitely a keeper. Thank you. Ellie

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elliesstuff September 24, 2007
Weight Watchers Citrus Loaf (Fat Free / Core)