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So i'm just in the middle of making these right now and i decided to calculate the points to make sure the points value was correct and to my surprise its not. I'm not sure if this is based on the old points system but i calculated it based on the points plus program, exactly as she has the recipe here using the same ingredients (Even the betty crocker LF brownig mix) and i calculated for 30 peices it was 2 points per peice, not 1p.peice. The other thing was the mix i got was a 16oz(440)g box .. so a smaller box and it was still mroe points. So all i did was stretch out the recipe to 48 cookies and then it calculates to 1 point/brownie and there still a good size at that! Hope this helps!

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Jamaica2010 May 03, 2011
Weight Watchers Chocolate Fix - 1 Point