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These are pretty good. I used Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix and the All Bran. Since this is a 2008 recipe I expect that the 1 pt value is no longer true under the new programs. I calculated using the Duncan Hines mix and the values on the All Bran box. Under the Points program my ingredients came out to 2 point per muffin (The DH mix was a little bigger than called for and I got 24 muffins) and under the Points Plus calculations it went up to a 3 points per muffin, again if 24 instead of 18 muffins. I didn't make these for myself as much as for the kids, who need a little fiber "snuck" into their snacks. I tossed in a handful of mini-chocolate chips and everyone seems happy enough! They have no idea the All Bran is in there.

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vikingwp January 19, 2013

These taste so good you cannot believe they are actually Good for you.

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ccwonders July 15, 2012

This was awesome...I was kind of wondering about the All Bran but you cant even taste it. How better to get your fiber then through a chocolate brownie muffin - Would totally make this again!

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4rcktgrl July 29, 2012
Weight Watchers Brownie Muffins - Points Per Muffin = 1