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Prep 25 mins
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Here's where your imagination as a cook and homemaker will be at it's best. Feel free to make any changes you'd like and add your own favorite recipes. If this is a gift for a family member it would really be special to include a homemade cookbook with family favorites. Have fun making it individualized.


  1. Also include: bucket or dishpan, toothpick, plastic wrap, measuring cups, rubber gloves, pot holder, kitchen towels, hand written recipes for basics: biscuits, white sauce, meat loaf, apple pie Wrap the bucket or dishpan in colored cellophane.
  2. When the other gifts are put away, the bride will still be appreciating this gift collection.


Most Helpful

My aunt did this for my sister's wedding years ago and called it a 'grubstake' shower. (My sister had quite a few showers, so got tons of gifts... my aunt thought it would be helpful to help her stock her first kitchen/ pantry!) The invitations were done on folded, small brown paper bags... and she got things like spices, pizza mix/ pizza pans, etc. Plus favorite recipes from everyone! It was terrific and practical and fun! Nice, too, for a bride who already has Everything!

Kat in Texas May 20, 2002

This is the perfect gift for my husband's friend and his new wife, as his house is very much the stereotypical bachelor pad and she is new from another country . . . on top of that, they live 45 minutes away from the nearest town of any good size. Great idea!

SammyCat August 16, 2002

What a great idea! Thanks, Nancy! Wish I had found this about 2 months ago. I was invited to a wedding and was looking for something unique to give besides the toaster she asked for. I will save this and use it for the next wedding I'm invited to.

Mom2BreBre June 20, 2002

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