Total Time
1hr 10mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 40 mins

This cake was served at my younger sister's wedding. I literally could not stop eating it and sneaked out a good sized chunk of it to take home.

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  1. In beater, cream butter and then add eggs, one at a time continuing beating,add milk, alternating with pre-sifted dry ingredients, beating all the time.
  2. Add almond extract. Pour into greased and floured cake pan.
  3. Bake at 350° C (convert to Fahrenheit) until tested with a drinking straw, it comes out clean.
  4. Frost.
  5. Instructions for Frosting:
  6. Beat whites to stiff peaks stage, and add the sugar very gradually, without stopping beating.
  7. Add the almond extract and then the ground or chopped almonds.
  8. Mix everything and frost the cake, in pan or out of it.
  9. Put again in moderate-heat oven just for a few minutes for frosting to brown a bit.
  10. Let cool and serve.
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This recipe is not bad, as far as the cake itself turned out, but the recipe too closely resembles the Betty Crocker butter cake recipe so that the almond extract throws off the flavor.

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i made this cake last saturday and it was delicious!took some to work for my fellow empoyees to try and they have requested the recipe.go ing to make another one this sunday to take to work.i did add one cup of butter intead of 1/2 and it came out very buttery which is why my co workers loved it.also i used cake flour,but i didn't sift it. this is definitely a keeper.will make again and again.thanks mexi- rosie. definitely a keeper

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My cake turned out well despite the fact that there are some instructions missing in this recipe. You don't say where to add the milk. Fortunately, it is very similar to the classic Betty Crocker butter cake recipe (only difference being substitute almond extract for vanilla), so I was able to infer what the missing instructions said (alternate dry ingredients with milk, beating constantly). Also, I followed the Betty Crocker recipe for the brown sugar meringue, and sprinkled the almonds on top of the meringue instead of mixing them in. This keeps the meringue fluffy. 400 degree oven 8 minutes.