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I did not want to talk about the Figgy Pudding until I got to see my SIL's face and enjoy eating it with her. I was terrified that it would stick (your 9th step had me thinking it would), (it did not stick) but what better way to initiate my new pan!?? It said it held 10 cups... I wondered if the recipe was 10 cups... (yes it is!) what did I have to lose? It certainly wouldn't ruin the pan... and what a wonderful present for my SIL! I spilled brandy all over the table when I was wrapping it in the cheesecloth, which dripped onto the floor... At Linda's house, we turned out the lights then poured the flaming brandy over the figgy pudding, what fun! It was certainly well worth the effort and joy we had over this delightful recipe. It was a great present! This is a recipe that I just cannot rate.... we were an enchanted group. My husband liked it, my brother did not. Today, we had a New Year's Day (3-6pm) gathering of friends, where we ate our favorite foods for the New Year. We had Brunswick Stew (I made this), and black eyed peas, collard greens, stewed tomatoes, and.... (trumpets!) Figgy Pudding!... it got lots of rave reviews. The figgy pudding is now almost gone. Seems that people feel very strongly about it, either one direction or another. The fruit cake lovers could not get enough. More than anything... I am so grateful that you posted this recipe, and that I got to fix it. The experience was priceless! Thanks again. Barbara

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Sweetiebarbara January 01, 2007

This taste so good!

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roskab November 10, 2006
We Want Some Figgy Pudding