Wax Paper Liner for Cake Pans

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

I've been using this technique for years and it's no-fail. Completely skip the step of greasing and flouring the pans. I've used it for scratch cakes and boxed cake mixes alike. There's no need to grease and there's no carcinogens. The wax does not attached to the cake.


  1. Tear off a piece of wax paper a couple of inches larger than your cake pan. Put your cake pan on the wax paper and with your scissors or a knife "draw" a line around the base of your cake pan.
  2. Next, cut your wax paper just slightly inside the line just drawn. This will make the wax paper liner slightly smaller than the base of your cake pan.
  3. Place the wax paper in the bottom of your cake pan and pour the batter in as usual. After your cake is done baking cool as directed then slide a knife around the edge of the cake. Then turn it over and the cake will just pop out. Grasp the edge of the wax paper and gently peel it off.
Most Helpful

I had to bake a cake for DH's birthday and it was great. It was easy to remove the wax paper from the cake. I'll do it again for the next cakes I bake. Thanks Gail :) Made for Holiday tag game

Boomette December 07, 2011

My mom taught me to do cakes this way also. We also grease the pan, put the paper in and then flip it over to grease the other side of the paper. It works really well and comes right out! Like Retiree 09 I am 62 and learned this at my mom's knee. I started cooking and baking with her when I was 3 and I still love it!

Gail11 September 13, 2011

My mom used to do this all the time. She'd do the "drawing" and let me cut them out. She'd still grease and flour the pan on top of the waxed paper. I use this method whenever I make layer cakes.

Claudia Dawn September 05, 2011