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We just love this salad. And I have made this a lot last summer. I made this the other night for my DB and my much loved Sister-in-law, there 2 Girl (6 & 10) and my Dh and DD (10). I had no basil so I went to my garden to pick some Italian parsley. I gave it a good wash (so I though lol) and pop it into the salad. Unknow to me a ladybug did not wash off. My SIL had 3 helpings of this salad and asked for the recipe she loved it so much. At the end of the meal she found stuck inbetween her teeth a wing of the poor ladybird. OMG I am glad that she could see the funny side of it (because we could) 'o' as long as you are not the ladybird. But in saying this I will still make this, with out the ladybird (we hope). Now the girls have renamed this to Ladybird Salad. Thank you for the recipe and to the poor ladybird thank you for a very good lough. Jan Aka the ladybird killer

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rainbowbrush October 14, 2007

I had chopped up an entire watermelon but wanted to do something other than eat it as-is. Then I saw this recipe post and decided to try it out. Soooo happy that I did as this salad was absolutely amazing! The only adjustments I made were using feta instead of goat cheese and using kalamata olives instead of basic black ones. I also featured this recipe on my blog - http://danasfoodblog.com/?p=1554.

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DanaPNY August 15, 2013

Delicious! I made this today but chose to leave out the onion - so easy to prepare and so refreshing - such a fantastic accompaniment to our grilled bbq chicken, roasted new potatoes and squash. Yums - will prepare this throughout the summer!

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Pineapple May 25, 2009

UPDATE: I want to come back and say I found some goat cheese that was the crumble type. So the creamy I used was good but the wrong type. First time using this cheese so did not know there were different textures of it. Aug 30,06 At first I thought this sounded good. But as I was making it I become more and more skeptical about it. I am so glad I made this!! It was simply fantastic, delicious and refreshing I can't say enough about it. I took a taste when it was just the melon, onion, olives and oil, which tasted good together. Then I added the basil wondering how that would go together, you know it was great. Adding the goat cheese was like adding cream cheese. This was my first time trying goat cheese and I love it. The only change I'd make in the future would be to add the cheese just before serving. Lazyme I'm so glad I tried this recipe and can't wait to share it at a family gathering. I know I'll get strange looks but...try it you'll like it!!! This is a easy and fun recipe thanks!!! Made for 1-2-3 Hits Wonder Game 2006

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Charlotte J September 06, 2006

This is a combination of flavors that can't be beat--the refreshing sweet coolness of the watermelon, the tang of the goat cheese, the sharpness of the onion,the saltiness of the olives. This has got to be the ultimate summer salad. I just can't say enough good things about it. Bravo, lazyme!

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echo echo August 13, 2006
Watermelon Salad