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I have used this jelly for years. It is wonderful and I recommend that everyone try it. Watermelon Rind jelly is also a favorite of my faimly.

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Selena Hill June 27, 2002

I made this jelly and while I thought it was good I thought I might could improved it a little so I made another batch and added 1/2 cup red hot candies, 6 whole cloves, six whole all spice seeds and 1/2 stick cinnamon which I placed in home made spice bag (I find that coffee filter and twistie tie works fine)..this made a bolder taste and I think is quite good.

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Elsie Devers September 08, 2003

This recipe is delicious, but it takes much longer than 1 minute to set up. Use a jelly thermometer and boil till it's done!

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lbolanz August 30, 2002

I think the jelling problems people are having are coming from a missing step in the recipe that's causing too much watermelon and liquid to end up in the final mixture. I started with the 4 cups of melon called for, seeded, then blended the fruit as written. I then poured the puree into a jelly bag and let it drip into a pot (undisturbed) for 30 minutes. Do not squeeze the bag or you'll get a cloudy jelly. (You can also do this by lining a strainer with a couple layers of cheese cloth). I then measured out just 2 cups of the strained liquid and used that to follow the rest of the original recipe. I live at high altitude (6200 feet) and found I needed to boil the mixture for two minutes after adding the liquid pectin, but it jelled perfectly, has a great color and a really nice watermelon flavor. By the way, I replaced the lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice because I like the flavor combination better.

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rockymtni July 18, 2010

I'm very disappointed. I made the recipe as is and took a taste. It was just like sugar water. So I added 2 cups of pureed watermelon. Still sugar water. I dumped half out and added 2 more cups of pureed watermelon. It tastes a bit more like watermelon now but still super sweet. I use 1 1/2 pks of pectin (cause I dumped half out) and it's pretty liquidy. It's harder cold but still not jelly like. I'll probably try again and only use enough sugar for the pectin. But maybe my watermelon wasn't very warermelony. I don't know but I feel so sad!

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sugarshelby July 28, 2016

I just finished making this. It was kind of bland and not so tasty. So I salvaged it by adding more sugar and more pectin. Also I added a tablespoon of whole cloves tied up in a cheesecloth. And boiled for almost 1 hour slowly. Then I added one small personal size cup of applesauce. Turned out perfect! YUMMY.

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Lillian M. April 26, 2016

I had major gel problems and just did not like the taste of this jelly. It was time consuming and not something I will try again.

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melissacarole1968 July 19, 2008

Wonderful jelly. The grandkids and adults loved it. Used a thermometer and had no trouble with it jelling. Will be a regular on my list. Thanks for such a special recipe.

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Beansy February 28, 2008

Photo looks great, but mine did not gel. I'm still experimenting with watermelon jelly, and after four failures, I've some comments: I like the flavor of brown sugar over white. I appreciate use of lemon juice over heavy flavor of vinegar. Maybe House Blend vinegar? Get specific on exact type of pectin used. "Failures" make wonderful syrup for other recipes - like for canning pears.

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Foggy Kitchen October 25, 2007

Yummy! I made 2 batches of this jelly to use up some extra watermelons in my garden. The first batch came out PERFECT! It made 3 1/2 jelly jars. The second batch, though I did everything the same, did not set and made 4 jars. I did the 15 minute cook time and used 3 cups of watermelon puree. It is a very sweet mild watermelon taste, I ate some with bread and on crackers.

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KIW September 14, 2007
Watermelon Jelly