Watermelon Ginger Frosted Drink

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Quinch your thrist with this cooling summer drink! Watermelon is 90% waterand 1/2 the sugar of an apple. It's healing qualities relieves mental depression. And it's high water content makes it a powerful cleanser and detoxifier. It is a safe diuretic and can quickly and completely wash out the bladder, as well as moisten the intestines. Watermelon is useful in cases of urinary difficulties, canker sores, edema, and kidney/urination infections. Drink this fresh watermelon juice to relieve dizziness from sunstroke. Drinking this immediately after a meal of beans will help to relieve or reduce gas.

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  1. Place all ingredeints in blender. Puree till smooth and frosty. Serve immediately.


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Was expecting more substance, I guess.... Maybe more slushy??? I don't know. Granted, watermelon is 'watery' but this was just blah. So I added about 2 T sugar. And either use LESS WATER or substitute 7-Up or Sprite (make ice cubes from these first). I froze what wasn't consumed and will run through the blender, add yogurt (for substance) and a dash of vanilla. This recipe definitely has potential....but "needs work."

Debber July 18, 2011

Nice, refreshing drink. Who said it has to be sweet to be good? I used a regular seedless watermelon, double the ginger extremely chopped, chilled spring water in half the amount and no ice, plus the lime zest. I would like to make this again with one of those small water melons which are sweeter, stay with double the ginger and try it with freshly squeezed lime juice rather than the lime zest, as though it was good with the zest it did not blend in completely and I didn't like the bits much and most was just in the bottom of the glass. Made for Veggie Swap 23.

UmmBinat May 30, 2010

This was just okay tasting to us, I expected it to be sweeter - as a result, I added a bit of raw honey... which is also well known for encouraging healing and dealing with infection (just be sure to use RAW honey). The water measurement is definitely too much for our liking, I reduced it by half like many of the reviews suggested; however, if I make this again I will probably omit the ice and the water altogether due to the high water content of watermelon to begin with, and use lime juice rather than zest. Thanks for a great concept!

Peachie Keene April 13, 2010

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