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These bagels are great. I've never made bagels before but have always wanted to. They are time consuming, but taste really wonderful. Mine look more like the rings you'd toss at a fair but, lesson learned :) I'll know for next time to shape them better. Also, I didn't grease the cookie sheet for the first batch and they stuck reallllly bad! Second batch I used sprayed parchment paper and it worked great. I will be making these again...I learned a few lessons with the first batch!

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jodathechoda November 17, 2009

Thanks for this. I've made these probably a dozen times now. Over time, I've found the following changes suit me best: 1. I let my bread machine take care of the first 7 steps on the dough setting, then take it from there. 2. I use half white whole wheat flour, and add gluten. 3. I add a little brown sugar to the boiling water.

I always use the egg wash--it makes them shiny and helps the sesame seeds stick. (Also, 1 package of yeast = .75 oz of yeast = 4.5 teaspoons of yeast.)

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ervigile February 12, 2012

We made these per the given directions and they turned out great. To shape the bagels we rolled the dough into balls and stabbed a hole through each one. We brought them to Mother's Day brunch and everyone loved them.

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Hilary #3 May 10, 2010

My family absolutely LOVED this recipe. My husband paid for my tires in exchange for a batch,lol. Time consuming if you are making a lot (and I made a BUNCH) but not difficult. I have made these twice now, and have been called a bagel making godess. Much better than store bought. These last awhile in tupperware, I have been trying to get around to freezing some for later, but they just don't last that long. I also made 8 bagels with this recipe and used the hole poking method. Thank you so much for a fantastic recipe. I will be making these often.

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Just J January 31, 2013

This recipe for bagels is the best, easy and fun to do. They taste superb, just like the ones I grew up with except now, my husband and I make them homemade because of this terrific recipe. These bagels are a lot better than any store bought bagels or bakery bagels. They freeze great too. Love them!

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StampinSher December 19, 2012

I have tried bagels a few times before and ended up with rubbery results. These worked MUCH better! I think I held my breath the whole time :) My other bagels also always had a yeasty taste that these do not! So I am very happy with the results! I left off the egg wash to keep them vegan (near impossible to find vegan bagels!) They came out surprisingly tender, and nice and crispy when toasted. Will definitely keep this recipe around.

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Nikoma August 02, 2011

I've made these bagels twice now, with great success both times. The husband absolutely LOVES them. Thank you! He did ask that I make larger bagels the second time around, though. He thought they were a little small when I made 12, as per the recipe. And Hilary #3 is spot on with the shaping technique. I had a lot more luck leaving the dough as a ball, pinching off pieces for each bagel and rolling them into balls as opposed to rolling out the dough and cutting off "snakes" to shape the bagels.

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Meghan at Food.com February 08, 2011

Chose this recipe for 1st time making bagels and we're glad we did. Bagels came out beautifully, rising a lot. Bagels sort of deflated in the boiling water, but puffed right back up, and more, in the oven. We like a little more salt so next time we will add a bit more. This recipe is definitely worth the effort. Thanks Dee514!

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Wonder TwinZ March 05, 2010

this recipe was easy and delicious. the bagels were a little smaller than we expected, but a definite success. we put cheese on top (which ended up being an excellent topping!) we plan to try to make a jalapeno cheese version tomorrow...!!!

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melodramatichef January 09, 2010

I just made these in my dorm kitchen in Harbin, China. (Missed home, and this seemed like a good recipe.) My facilities/ingredients are a bit lacking, so I had to make a few changes and improvise a bit, but they came out great. A few notes, however: I added brown sugar to the boiling water to make the crust extra crispy. Also, the ends seemed to come apart in the water. Next time I might try adding some vinegar to the water (prbly wine vin.) to keep the dough from splitting.

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shh October 05, 2009
Water Bagels (Plain)