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Wonderful warm spiced beverage to serve "spiked" or not. Great holiday drink.

Top Review by karenmc72

I made this recipe before heading out, so it would be ready when I got home later with some guests. I cooked it on high in the crock pot for an hour, then turned it to low. Before I left (about an hour into the low temp), it tasted AMAZING! I left it on low while I was out for 4 more hours, since the recipe suggested 4-8 hours on low.

When I got back, the spices of the wassail had completely taken over. My guests said it was ok, but I thought it tasted terrible compared to the great balance of sweet and spice that it had before I left it on low for so long.

A friend of mine said that it's ok to simmer it for a long time as long as you take the spices out. I will definitely use this recipe in the future, and just make it 2 hours before I expect to serve it.

Unfortunately, when I

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  1. Put all ingedients in a crockpot.
  2. Cover and cook on HIGH for 1 hr, then on low for 4-8 hours.
  3. Serve warm.
  4. Note: I put the allspice and cloves in a teaball.
  5. I float the orange slices on top.
  6. I also omit the rum.
  7. I put a bottle of rum and other liquors next to the crockpot, and let the guests "spike" their own.

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