Wasabi Shumai

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by LeanneMarie

This is a super dumbed down version of my very favorite part of a good sushi meal. Wasabi shumai is generally a pork dumpling with garlic and wasabi and it is very wasabi heavy. This recipe is very easy but not for a lack of trying. I tried so many things to make the traditional wasabi shumai but could not come up with anything that ended up as crazy intense as wasabi shumai should be. This recipe was born out of whim that paid off big time. It couldn't be easier. I use premade beef meatballs but you can use your favorite recipe.

Top Review by Chef Bad Motor Scoo

Very good. I made half with a very mild pork sausage, and preferred them. I also deep fried them in Canola oil in a pan, rather than steamed. I was trying to replicate a local Japanese steak houses version, and they came out very good, golden, and crunchy. But heed the warning: easy on the Wasabi. I over did a few, but ultimately ended up just lightly smearing a stripe in the Wonton wrap.


  1. Wet the edges of the wonton wrapper with your finger.
  2. Place a small amount of wasabi in the center of the wrapper, rougly the size of a 1/4 inch sphere. (Be very careful not to add too much, a very small amount goes a long way.).
  3. Place the cooked meatball on top of the wasabi.
  4. Fold the wonton wraper around the meatball. (I either fold one corner in at a time so that they meet in the center or just gather the sides up to create a purse).
  5. Steam for 15 minutes or until the wrapper is cooked through.

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