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Excellent recipe. I microwaved a large salmon fillet instead of using canned salmon. I left out the red bell peppers since I didn't have any. And instead of spraying the patties with Pam, I put about 1/4 cup of olive oil in my frying pan. I worked in two batches and each took about 7 minutes. They were very flavorful but only mildly spicy (more wasabi powder would be in order for those who like it hot). I enjoyed the fritter-like texture/consistency. What an all around delicious treat--thanks for posting this!

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Literary Mom February 12, 2004

These are pretty tasty salmon cakes; however, I'm not sure if they would have been even better had the directions been clearer. I doubled the recipe, using two 5-oz. well-drained cans of boneless, skinless salmon, which size was never indicated. I used wasabi paste in a tube (wasn't sure if I was supposed to use this or wasabi powder). I used rice vinegar and tamari. The mixture ended up being very wet, so I had to add some more breadcrumbs (for a total of about 3/4 cup). The mixture was still not so workable, but I didn't want to add more breadcrumbs, since they would be coated in them as well. I originally used too much of the mixture to roll into balls and eventually realized I needed to use a smaller amount and just gently flatten it. I pressed the patties into some panko, which gave them a nice crunch, and ended up using safflower oil to fry them in, as they were getting too dry. I think these would benefit greatly from some type of condiment or sauce to serve them with. The flavor was very tasty and the wasabi was present, but not overwhelming. I would definitely like to play with this recipe again. Thanks for sharing!

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JackieOhNo! January 18, 2012

I really enjoyed these, but the recipe needs to be more clear as to what size to use for the can of salmon. I used a 5 oz can, which was NOT enough, so I had to add a lot more bread cumbs and still had trouble forming the patties. Next time I will use at least 2 cans of salmon, and will try panko instead of bread cumbs.

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sarahoberm June 26, 2011

These were very good. I cut the recipe in half and put them in muffin tins. I loved the wasabi and red bell pepper. Delicious!!

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nemokitty March 24, 2010

These were the hit of our Father's Day dinner - thanks for the recipe! I used Topher's suggestion and added scallions and also whipped up a wasabi tartar sauce with 1/4 cup mayo, 1 T. wasabi, 2 T. relish & 1 tsp. soy sauce - great addition!

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Chef MrsRev June 18, 2006

I had it in mind to make salmon spinach cakes and I used this recipe as my "base". I didn't have wasabi on hand, but I'd love to make the original recipe and try it out.
Since I wasn't going the wasabi route, I omitted the soy sauce, and I didn't have peppers so those went as well.
I used 2 5 oz cans of salmon and doubled the rest of the ingredients. I added 3/4 package of thawed chopped spinach that I squeezed out very well. Since I didn't use soy sauce I added about 1 tsp of kosher salt and some ground pepper. The mixture made 10 1/4 cup size patties. After dipping them in breadcrumbs, I had to refrigerate them for about 30 min to be able to handle them without them falling apart.
I then fried them on a stove top griddle.
My kids absolutely LOVED them, and they don't usually like spinach or canned fish (they're 6, 4 1/2 and 2 years old). Actually, my 9 month old ate a good bit of it as well. My husband also enjoyed them with some mayo on the side. And I have found a great way to get my family to eat fish and spinach, and be excited about a meatless dinner!
Thanks for a great recipe. I look forward to trying the wasabi version next Friday :o)

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The Portugarians March 18, 2011

These were really good. I have never used canned salmon before and just assumed it was all skinless and boneless. It isn't. Next time I'll look more closely. I also used green onion in place of the red pepper, since the peppers at the store didn't look all that good. A great recipe, thanks!

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HeatherN July 13, 2009

DH voted these "the best salmon cakes ever". We used only 1 tbsp of wasabi b/c my son is not too fond, but even he gobbled these up. UPDATE: Tried these again, but didn't have any wasabi so I used a wasabi-flavored mayo. Also forgot the rice vinegar, but they still turned out fantastic. Thanks so much for this recipe! It will be a regular rotation.

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kellymbrown December 01, 2008

Wow! These were very good--much better even than we thought they'd be. For maximum heat, make your own paste from powdered wasabi (not the toothpaste-tube kind of wasabi paste, which is very, very mild), and let it sit, covered, for at least 1 minute before using it. These were so zippy, my son wouldn't eat them; I'll have to tone them down if I want him to eat them in future. I served them with Wasabi Herbed Mayonnaise for a sauce, and Japanese Vinegared Cucumbers and steamed short-grain rice on the side. Thanks so much for posting, Susan!

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Halcyon Eve January 02, 2008

This was, out to dinner fantastic! I had the wasabi paste and used 1 1/2 tablespoon. I also had to add a bit more bread crumbs but I mixed it several hours ahead of time so they probably soaked up the liquid more than usual. I baked them as suggested and everyone gobbled them up. No leftovers that night! Next time I'll try the panko and fry them. Thanks for a very special recipe.

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Paka October 05, 2007
Wasabi Salmon Cakes