Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

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Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

Great way to kick up mashed potatoes! My boyfriend loved 'em., Can be made ahead of time, just reheat on the stove.

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  1. Place potatoes in large pot of cold salted water with 1-2 garlic clove (s).
  2. Boil until tender, about 20 minutes.
  3. Drain.
  4. Return to pot; mash.
  5. Combine 3/4 cup milk or cream and 1 tablespoon wasabi powder in small bowl.
  6. Stir to dissolve powder.
  7. Add milk mixture and butter to potatoes.
  8. Using electric mixer, beat potatoes until fluffy and smooth.
  9. Season potatoes to taste with salt and pepper.
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The first time I made this recipe I followed the ingredients which states 4 tablespoons wasabi powder and the potatoes were WAY too spicy. The directions then below list 1 tablespoon of wasabi powder for 6 servings. I would be cautious of how much wasabi you use, it can ruin the whole thing. I use 1 teaspoon to 1.5 and that is perfect. Tastes great with miso salmon!

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I actually thought that the wasabi would be more obvious but it was milder than I expected and the kids didn't kick up a fuss! And the wasabi definitely was fresh and in date! Its a great idea and satisfied a craving I was having.

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Wow, that was quite a kick. Chad loved them... they were good, but our son couldn't eat them... :( Thanks!!!