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This is an easy, flavorful recipe, and perfect to serve to company (especially if they like heat!), as an appy or as a main course. DH and I shared this and I served with white rice. I used a 3/4 lb. New York strip steak, trimming the fat off before freezing. I had no trouble slicing, after the 1 hour freezing time. I marinated the strips for almost 4 hours, and seasoned with simple salt and pepper, before grilling. The dipping sauce is spicy and warm, but not fiery. I may include some fresh ginger in the sauce next time (and there WILL be a next time!) Thanks so much for sharing, Luby, Luby, Luby!

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alligirl August 11, 2010

This was an enjoyable satay dish. I didn't think it was packed full of heat. With all the wasabi powder I was disappointed in the lack of the heat. The beef was nice and tender, I did marinade it overnight. I cooked them on the George Foreman grill for one of our appetizer nights. I seasoned them with Johnny's seasoning salt. I will be making these again but using a different dipping sauce. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas February 07, 2011
Wasabi Marinated Beef Satay With Fiery Japanese Dipping Sauce