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Lots of compliments! I prepared it as written except for omitting the cilantro (the only herb my family can't tolerate) and subbing canned tomatoes since fresh were unavailable. Because the tomatoes used were the standard type rather than 'salt-free', I cut back the amount of salt added to slightly under 1-1/2 tsp. to compensate, and that worked well. One kid requested more tomatoes next time, another asked me to double the corn, and yet another voted for even more cheese. Once my crew goes into their James Beard routine, critiquing a dish and making suggestions, it's a sure sign that they loved it! Thanks so much for sharing. We'll enjoy 'tweaking' this to personal taste, but it's just wonderful as is!

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highcotton December 28, 2007

We loved this dip! The flavors and texture are outstanding. I followed the recipe exactly, and wouldn't change a thing. It was a bit time-consuming for a dip, not to mention the kitchen mess, but the recommendation that it can be made ahead is helpful. A great discovery to Pick A Chef Fall 2007.

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PanNan September 24, 2007

This is amazing. I made it for a backyard party with chips to dip and it went over well. The girls at the party have been bugging me for the recipe. I skipped the adobo sauce, cilantro and used just regular cheese and it was still great! I'm definitley making this again.

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sylviaspisic September 07, 2007

This is a really flavorful dip and the spice blend is just right. I think it lends itself to lots of variation by using different types of beans and/or cheese. I would add more tomatoes next time and decrease the amount of cheese (just personal preference). I might also try using 1/2 refried beans and 1/2 whole beans to eliminate the food processor step. I would recommend making this ahead of time and allowing flavors to blend. My original review was for four stars, but after sitting overnight it got even better. My DH is still oohing and aahing. Thanks for posting Melissa!.

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MamaJ September 02, 2007
Warm Black Bean & Chipotle Dip