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this is, without a doubt one of the very best crisps that I have ever made! To make it as diabetic friendly as I could I used 50/50 all purpose and whole wheat flours. In the topping I used 1/2 a cup of Splenda Brown and a 1/2 cup of Splenda in the apple mix, and after baking I wouldn't want it any sweeter (I made a half recipe). This has lots of apple and the cinnamon and nutmeg are great. The one thing I did find that needs to be mentioned is that ever my half amount took an hour and 15 mins to bake through. It was no problem for me buy if your counting on the stated time being on the dot you might want to allow some extra time in the over, Don't let that put you off because it's worth the wait!

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Annacia September 30, 2011
Warm Apple Raisin Crisp With Crumb Topping