Warm and Creamy Swiss Cheese Dip With Caraway

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is wonderful with chunks of rye bread for dipping! Keep warm in a small crock pot for dips, or a fondue pot. HEAVEN! You'll want to double this!

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  1. In small bowl, toss cheese and flour.
  2. In small saucepan, heat buttermilk and cider.
  3. Add cheese and caraway seeds.
  4. Stir til melted.
  5. Keep warm while serving.
  6. Serve with chunks of rye bread for dipping.


Most Helpful

I am giving this an extra star, because I think the reason it was not as good as some other people have found is that it was put in a small crockpot and left there while I made the rest of dinner. So what was a smooth creamy dip turned into a clumpy separated mess. It still tasted good, although we should probably have used rye insead of sourdough for dipping.

CraftScout June 05, 2007

This was a very good recipe for Swiss cheese fondue. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I also was able to make this without any difficulty unlike the previous reviewer (that was a rather nasty review, don't you think?) - my fondue was smooth and creamy. Here is how I achieved this: I whisked the cider and milk together over medium heat, then whisked in the flour until the mixture thickened. Then, I gradually mixed in the swiss cheese, stirring until it was melted and smooth. I used a whisk to do this and I made sure to stir it constantly over medium heat. It is important that you do not allow the mixture to boil, otherwise the milk will curdle. By the way, I'm not sure what Wildflour means by "apple cider", I wasn't sure if she intended me to use the alcoholic or non-alcoholic version in this recipe. I used the alcoholic version and it was great, it did not dominate the taste at all. I really liked this fondue and will make again! Thanks!

Shannon Cooks June 01, 2007

This was a flop for me. The swiss cheese turned into a lump and didn't mix with the milk mixture which curdled. I'm sure I did something wrong. Suggestions would be welcomed. Also caraway seeds were quite expensive.

jeanhedges2004 November 25, 2005

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