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I have eaten Fruit Pockets since a little girl. My mom taught me how. I have a similar recipe, but the flour part is just add till it makes a still dough. I never refrigerate any part, and always use raspberries with some sugar and flour on them, drained of any juice in case they were frozen or not fresh. We always served them with melted butter on top (lots) and sprinkled sugar. We ate them as a meal as they are so filling. This is the first I have ever seen anyone talking about other than my family members. We are bohemian and thought it was only in our family that they were eaten. This was a nice surprise. Try just butter on top with the sugar. :)

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Chef Annie J.K. April 08, 2009

I am so sorry to give a bad first review, but, quite honestly, these were a toronado to make and had a pretty bad flavor. I did change the fruit,(raspberries instead of blueberries) however, so I gave you an extra star for that. The dough was incredibly sticky and, though I dusted the surface with flour, when I rolled it out and tried to cut the circles, they stuck to the surface so bad I had to scrape it up and throw away a lot, then finally redust about an inch of flour and roll out the dough half at a time. The fruit filling was very hard to pinch in, and when they finally were boiled it tasted really, really bland; the dough drowned out any other flavor. The filling before being cooked was tasty, however. In short, the directions were not specific enough for me and the flavor/ease of preperation were not very good. Hope someone else has better luck with this than I did.

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God's_sugarcookie December 09, 2006
Wareneki (Fruit Pockets)