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This recipe seemed to be missing something. The amount of oil was too much, and it made the rice rather sticky and greasy. A tastier, and possibly healthier substitution would be to use about 1 to 2 tsp butter instead of the 1 1/2 tbsp oil for the saute. You could also garnish with chopped corriander (cilantro) leaves for a little more flavour.

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Anu November 17, 2001

It''s wonderful! I love the sound of the walnuts cracking in the mouth!

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 06, 2001

I loved this dish!!! I was just looking for a filling recipe that consisted of things in my pantry so I was very surprised at how much everyone loved this dish! If you like spicy food, I really recomend adding some diced jalopenos. Another great tip to make this a main dish is to add some salad shrimp to it. I think this is such a versatile recipe that compliments so many meals, and you can really get creative with it and spice it up however you like. I love how quick it was to make and how convenient it is since I always have these ingredients on hand. I highly recomend this dish to anyone!

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NanaJulie April 20, 2008

A terrific and Unique side dish. I was trying to find a garlic rice recipe that tasted similar to some I had in a Thai restaurant recently. This came very close in taste (although there were no walnuts in the restaurant's version). I chickened out on using 8 cloves of garlic and used 2 very large ones. It was fine, but I think I could have used one more clove. I also used rice vinegar which should be a must in this! I also used much less black pepper than is called for as I just felt it would overpower it. The end product was delicious. I had my neighbor try it and she loved it too..she said that you could also substitute diced water chesnuts for the walnuts (a good idea!). Even my 8 year old dauther loved it. Thanks for posting this. Oh, and I thought the oil amount was fine...it keeps the rice from getting sticky and pasty. I used Canola oil which is considered healthy.

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Pam-I-Am March 31, 2005
Walnut Garlic Rice