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Putting this atop of Cottage Cheese Pancakes for 1 made a wonderful holiday flavored breakfast. I doubled Cottage Cheese Pancakes for 1 and cut Walnut Baked Apples down to serve just the two of us and baked in a custard cup. Knowing I was going to use atop pancakes I almost let out the milk worried they might be too wet, but end up adding it and was pleasantly surprised that the texture and moisture was perfect. We also thought the addition of nutmeg and cloves gave these apples a nice holiday flavor. Tucking this aside for next time DH and I need a special treat for breakfast, thanks for the post.

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Debbwl December 24, 2012

O'kay I have to make an apology up front here first when I saw 6 serves for 3 applies I though no way so I made the full recipe for 3 of us and well we polished of just under half of the recipe serveed with a dollop of cream and it was delicious and throughly enjoyed, thank ou Chef Jean for such an easy make dessert recipe made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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I'mPat November 27, 2012
Walnut Baked Apples