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These were unbelievable. No kidding. I think I could eat them every single day. I pan fried mine in a little olive oil. I also used just a frozen perch for the Walleye.

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Bogey'sMom July 09, 2006

Fantastic variation! Growing up (and even still now) my family fishes for walleye all year around and have walleye just about weekly. It is nice to have a recipe that is not fired! <br/><br/>Putting the mixture together is easy and made a few adjustments...I added a handful of Parmesan cheese for a little extra flavor and to help stick things together, I also used imitation crab flakes, and omitted the mustard. I opted to pan fry and the cakes didn't seem to want to stay together. I'm not sure if it was their size or if the mixture was just too wet. However, that will not stop me from making these delicious bundles again! I highly recommend these and they will become a staple recipe for-sure!

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MessyNapkin March 31, 2014

I wanted to do something other "fry" the walleye my DH caught. I followed the recipe exactly and these were so good! My guys loved them, I will be making these again real soon! thanks for sharing,

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ressyrice June 17, 2013

WOW!!! Absolutely spectacular! Made them as an appetizer for a fish fry, everyone raved about them! Drizzled them with the lemon dill sauce, perfect combination. Dill sauce also went amazingly with the fried fish, much better than tartar sauce. Followed the recipe exactly, very easy to make. Thank you so very much.

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elMaestro November 01, 2008

Fabulous! This was a total hit w/my sister and parents and me too! I didn't have any red peppers so didn't add those. I eyeballed the walleye and had a smaller can of crab. I used Panko bread crumbs because I ran out of regular ones. Thank you so much for this recipe. I'm trying find different uses for walleye.

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akmyers June 23, 2008

Outstanding!!! What a great way to prepare walleye. I used the baked method and we were surpised at how well they came together. They had a nice flaking texture with the crust you would expect. The only change I will make next time is to use a little less seasoned bread crumbs and substitute regular in their place. Overall a great recipe that every one will really enjoy!

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Crazy Fingers January 23, 2008

I made these for dinner the other night for myself and my fiance. I thought they were outstanding and very easy to prepare. I followed the directions exactly, with the exception that I did not have any seasoned salt so I simply omitted it. It did not seem as though anything was lacking without it. We will certainly be having these again. Thanks for posting.

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Dr. Jenny July 27, 2007

Let me first start by giving my substitutions (of which there were many). I didn't have a full lb of walleye and used what I did have with 2 - 6 oz cans of crab. Then, I forgot to buy green onions and used chives instead. Also, we are trying for very low fat (and no pepper) and so I used a can of cream corn for the butter, mayo, and red pepper and added some parsley instead of the regular pepper. And because of the extra liquid in the cream corn, I had to add an extra 1/4 cup of bread crumbs. All said and done, it was almost the same recipe (sorry!) but still very good!!! The cakes didn't fall apart and baked up nicely--and tasted great! The walleye and crab was a great combination! (And they were lovely with your wonderful lemon dill sauce!) We will get two good dinners from these! Thank you!

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Dwynnie June 08, 2007
Walleye Crab Cakes