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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for publishing the AUTHENTIC recipe! I have been extremely frustrated by all of the people/companies, who have been labelling dutch chocolate cakes, colored red, with cream cheese frosting as "red velvet", none of them are close to creating the scrumptious concoction that was mastered by the hotel, and that my mom has been making for 40 years at home! <br/>We?ve always sifted the cake flower 3-4 times to create a lightness to the cake, and it is HIGHLY recommended to blend the sugar in a blender to make it ?ultra-fine?. Not creating the ultra-fine sugar will leave a crunchy texture to the buttercream frosting. Well done, I?m excited that others can savor this amazing dessert now. Might I recommend a tall glass of cold milk to accompany it? Ice cream is not the same?

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slhgone2dogs March 04, 2014

This is vey good. Part of the taste is the frosting made with flour,butter,and powdered sugar.Bakeries and grocery stores,no comparison. Ever get to NY city,will go to hotel just for the cake and coffee. Any time I made this cake,they all liked. With Valentine's day coming up,make this for your hubby or boyfriend. Also could be broke down to 4 or 5 inch cakes for your bestest friends. Also cupcakes too.

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pattibaby4 February 01, 2014

I have made this recipe numerous times and I really need to give this author credit because as long as it takes, it is worth every second! This Red Velvet is beautiful to look at and as moist and delicious as anything else I have ever tasted! I cook 3 layers in 8"round cake tins. I also serve this cake cold as I think it really brings out the moistness of the cake without falling apart. And I love cold frosting! Thank you again!!!

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Catherine Wall January 20, 2014

I have just made cupcakes with this recipe basically because I didn't have three 8" baking tins. So as per another reviewer I halved the recipe, now I made 12 cup cakes and they came out at 15 minutes and I thought were a tad dry, so I would be interested to know how many cupcakes the previous reviewer made, maybe she made less but bigger ones. I didn't use shortening (not sure what that would be in the UK) I used stork baking margarine which is vegetable based but next time would use butter. I hadn't read all the reviews so when it came to the frosting I wasn't sure what it meant by just sugar. In the UK we have granulated sugar, caster sugar (fine granulated) and icing sugar (very fine like powder) and then we have a whole host of other sugars, golden caster sugar, muscovado, light muscovado, dark muscovado, Demerara and so on. So the upshot is I used icing sugar and then after read that it should be granulated! However I thought the frosting was superb but was 2:2 in my family on that versus regular butter cream. I think if I had used granulated the frosting wouldn't have been so sweet. The other thing was that I had bought red food colouring but when I weighed it out it was only 1/4 oz so not enough. Will make again and make the full cake but with butter.

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Kazd Davis November 10, 2013

Used butter instead of shortening and added 1/4 c coffee......OMG!!!! It didn't last 24 hours

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A Taste Of Home September 25, 2013

Best red velvet I have ever made. Its not overly sweet, yet its delicious and moist. It is a bit time consuming but it is well worth it!

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elizabethk92 August 21, 2013

I have never tried baking and only recently I decided to learn how to make cakes from scratch. This is the first red velvet cake that I have tried. I read reviews and decided to use butter instead of shortening. I also used only one bottle of red dye. For the frosting, I took some advise and added the flour mixture while it was still slightly warm, and beat well. The cake came out perfect! Everyone absolutely loved it. Thanks for the reviews that helped make this such a wonderful cake.

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Lmgibson02 August 17, 2013

the best red velvet cake I have tried as of yet...and believe me I think I have tried them ALL. anything that has been on the internet and even doctoring boxed cakes. trust me when I say I HIGHLY doubt there is one out there that is better. I followed it exactly except for adding a tiny bit more sugar and topping with cream cheese frosting

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sweet face August 13, 2013

One more thing, make sure you get two one ounce jars of the Wilton No-Taste Red Food Coloring for this divine cake. Don't dare ruin it by using that disgusting watery cheap food dye found in grocery stores!!

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lisam5305 August 11, 2013

This recipe was awesome. I didn't have cake flour so i used all purpose flour and substituted butter for shortening and it was delicious and fluffy. The frosting was just perfect. Oh so yummy.

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Ohbaby76 May 24, 2013
Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake