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I did read the reviews and used the butter instead of the shortening, and used 1 Tb. white wine vinegar. This cake was very moist. I did not have red food coloring, and since it was late Christmas Eve when I started baking.. what to do?? I just left it out and called this a velvet cake. I did mix amaretto & cherry juice and brush between the layers of cake, as was one suggestion. I thought that the icing was strange when I started to make, was unsure what the taste would be. I truly liked this icing. Not to sweet, not dull. I will try this icing again on Valentine's cupcakes.

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krazynthekitchen January 08, 2009

Really excellant recipe, Red Velvet Cake has been my favorite since I was a child. I've made different versions of this cake before, and this one was the best...by far. Although it is a little time consuming, the directions were very clear, and it all went together very well. THe end result is well worth your effort! This is the Red Velvet recipe I will make from now on.

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bratty June 13, 2003

Made this for my granddaughters 15th birthday...she said it was the best red velvet cake she had ever had. I was worried about the icing but my husband encouraged me to use the original instead of subbing in a cream cheese icing. I only got two 9 in layers that I cut in half so the finished product was 4 layers. I used an entire batch of icing in the layers alone and about 1 and 1/2 batches of icing to ice the cake...as I did decorate it with my own butter cream roses in red and a white shell border, it was phenomenal!! Of 15-20 people, just a die hard butter cream fan was not absolutely thrilled with this cake, even one of my 2 1/2 year old grandsons passed on the triple chocolate cake served side by side (their brother turned 13 just a few days before so there were two cakes) and opted for the red velvet. I will make this again, and again, and again!! The cream cheese icing was not missed, and in this case is highly overrated!

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Wanda S. February 10, 2014

Finally , Someone who knows how to make Red Velvet Cake . It drives me crazy when people put cream cheese frosting on this cake , It ruins it . WTG Troyh!

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duchessofomaha_1884336 December 23, 2012

It's a great recipe. I made the cake once and cupcakes today. The cake is just as good when it's cupcakes. The icing is always amazing. I really like this recipe, but it takes about 3-4 hours to make.

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corelila April 14, 2012

For the frosting I would like to suggest that you add a few tablespoons of the milk to the flour. Use a whisk and mix until a paste/glue consistency. You can then add the paste to the remaining milk in the saucepan. This will alleviate any lumps in your frosting.

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Lovetobakegoodiesallday April 14, 2012

very good....i've tried several red velvet recipes and they would come out with little cocoa clumps in them and taste dry. This receips was great....the cocoa/dye paste was smooth so avoided any lumps in the batter. I made cupcakes instead of the cakes and baked for about 20min. and came out perfect. I made cream cheese frotsting since it is my fave.

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hrife December 11, 2011

To everyone who says this cake isn't good: try this, in the batter, i switched out the shortening with butter, which was way better for taste, and i mixed the cocoa into the dry ingredient mix to lighten the brown color. and i only used the food coloring last, and only enough for desired color. for the icing, instead of 3T of flour i do 1 1/2 T flour and 1 1/2 T corn starch into the milk, then i mix it up, then i strain it for lumps. then i heat it gradually in the microwave, checking it every so often and whisking until its thick and very hot. then i put in the sugar, mix it, and again strain it. then cool. when whipping flavoring and butter into it, i use a butter vanilla emulsion rather than straight vanilla. it gives it a much better flavor. and i use half the amount of butter and half shortening to hold the icing on the cake. if you do these things, it works so much better. everyone who as eaten this cake raves over it if you do it the way i did. i am a baker at a shop, and just made a wedding cake with this recipe.

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kikthedaisy November 11, 2011

Fantastic!! My son said the frosting made it really good!
I used butter and a tbls oil and made cupcakes. I'll definately make this again. Thanks for posting!

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joyfulsouls February 28, 2011

This cake is wonderful! I have people raving over it every time I make it. I put the cake in the freezer immediately from the oven for about 30 minutes. I'm always asked "how did you get it so moist?". The frosting is okay, but we prefer cream cheese icing. Thanks for a great recipe!

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GwenG May 19, 2010
Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake