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W-O-W!!! I have used recipes from this site before, but I *had* to create an account to comment on this one. This is absolutely the best cake I have ever made and is perhaps the best dessert I have ever made. It is so ridiculously rich and delicious, I don't know anyone who wouldn't love it. I made only a few minor adjustments: I used a stick of butter in place of the shortening (as others suggested); I used only one ounce (a full bottle!) of red food coloring, and will probably use even less next time; and since I didn't have cake flour, I used 2 cups of all-purpose and 1/4 cup of cornstarch. Definitely try the frosting as well, I thought it went very nicely with the cake. Just make sure you keep whipping it until there are no sugar granules left. Thanks for a new favorite, Troy!!

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Jeff H. June 25, 2009

I have been looking for this exact recipe for AGES. My favorite aunt gave it to me (she pretty much believed the urban legend about having to pay for it and made me promise to keep the secret) years ago and I have misplaced it. I lost my aunt and this always reminds me of her and makes me smile. More recent versions leave out the vinegar and recommend cream cheese icing...oh NO. I particularly LOVE the pairing of the cake with the somewhat complicated frosting. It's even better a day or so later once the frosting has had a chance to meld with the cake. THANK YOU for posting this for me. This is the BEST.

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buykat January 29, 2011

It's the only cake I've been making for every celebration since I disscovered it here and nobody is bored with it yet.

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grzeznik676 April 08, 2011

I've never made the cake, but the frosting, although a little difficult to make, is the BEST frosting of all! It's great on any cake. It's light, fluffy, not too sweet or bland, and overall it's delicious. I pair it with a different cake recipe I tried and the combination is legendary. Thanks for posting!

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YoungCake December 05, 2010

A friend requested a Red Velvet Cake for his graduation present and I made this one. Had no problems with the recipe as written. Was reluctant to add 2 OZ red food coloring - but I did and the cake was really really dark red. Others have said 1 OZ does the trick. Next time will try only 1 OZ. For the frosting: I whisked (which I think is key) the flour into the milk one TBL at a time - then I cooked it - stirring constantly for about 4 minutes till it got really really thick and sludge like... Initially I was scared of the frosting (!) given all of the reviews - but when I mixed the cooled milk/flour sludge with the butter/sugar which had been running for about 8 minutes in my mixer, the frosting came together very very nicely and was excellent. Actually recommended this frosting to a friend for a different desert! All in all - the graduation crew said it was a perfect red velvet cake! Thanks much!

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Gidget265 June 02, 2010

I don't think this cake is any more time-consuming than any other homemade. I mean look you're not opening a box of Duncan Hines cakemix here people. I always make mine with butter and toss in a T of oil and have never found my cake to be dry. The frosting recipe has been hit of miss for me though, sometimes it turns out grainy, sometimes not. That's my own fault though, not the recipe's, I think I just need some more practice with that part...

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bubbleyumm82 March 04, 2009

I got this recipe from a friend in 1985 and have used it so many times. I love it. It has never failed. For baby showers I make pink and/or blue batter. For wedding showers I leave it white. The unfrosted cake freezes beautifully and is easier to frost when frozen. Can't say enough good things about this lusciousness.

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SheLikestoCook September 26, 2011

Love it!

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gmode January 02, 2011

This recipe was awesome! Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes, as the occasion was casual. I used cream cheese icing and pecans, but the actual cake was beyond words! Even my Dad, who is southern to the bone, said it was the best he had ever had - even better than his mother's! Will make this again and again! THX!

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Shancy December 29, 2010

I was so impressed with myself for making this cake... hee hee! I believe this is the first time I've made a cake like this from scratch. I didn't find it all that difficult or time consuming... It proabably took more time to pull out all the ingredients than it did to assemble the batter. When I can, I like to have all the ingredients out and pre-measured so I can just grab things as needed - it seems to speed up the assembly process quite a bit (cheap disposable paper bowls are great for this!). I did use 3 pans sprayed with Bakers Joy (love that stuff) and baked for exactly 24 minutes and the cakes came out perfectly. I didn't use the frosting posted here because I was making the cake for my SIL's birthday and figured she would expect a cream cheese frosting... since her brother (my hubby) couldn't concieve of why a red velvet cake wouldn't have a cream cheese frosting! I used Kittencal's Best Cream Cheese Frosting (Extra Creamy Option) but reduced the sugar so it wouldn't compete with the subtle cake. I stacked the layers, frosted the cake, and loaded it up with 29 candles and everyone loved it. I think the trick to not having the cake dry out is to bake it for the shortest time possible and pull it out when it is just done and then frost it and store in the fridge. I think if I had not refridgerated it the cake would have been dry. Only change I made is to use butter instead of shortening. Next time I'll definitely make the frosting posted here! Very yummy!

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muncheechee July 17, 2009
Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake