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I've actually only made pizza dough with this recipe one time, and it was the best pizza dough I've found to date. But what I really use the recipe for is making cinnamon rolls! Unfortunately for my wasitline, I make rolls out of this dough at least once a month. This dough is so easy to roll out and makes soft, rich rolls. This recipe alone has made my bread maker worth its weight in gold!! For cinnamon rolls, I roll out 1/2 of the dough (freeze the rest) into a 14" square. Spread 2-3 tbsp butter on it, then sprinkle on a mix of 1/3 cup sugar and 1 tbsp cinnamon. Roll into a log, slice 1" thick and lay into a 8x8 or 9x9 greased baking dish. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, then top with your favorite icing.

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Kelleh79 October 01, 2010

Wow. This was so good. I've tried many different recipes and have been disappointed but this one was fantastic. The dough was so easy to work with, unlike many other recipes where it is hard to roll out. I used my Kitchenaid mixer for the dough (5 min knead), then let it rest and rise for about 45 minutes before putting onto pizza pans. The taste was great (I love the extra sugar - it really gives it good flavour) and the bread held the toppings perfectly (no more soggy bottoms!). I made a regular size pizza plus some mini pizzas. Thank you so much for this recipe. I won't use any other now:)

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Jen in Victoria, BC October 22, 2012

This dough was perfect. It looked and handled like pizza dough. Even my DH liked it which hasn't happened with any other pizza dough recipe. Next time, I may try making half the recipe since the dough doesn't freeze well and there are only two of us now. I added olive oil to the pan and when the pizza was done, it slithered out on to our cutting board without any problem. The second dough ball, we are going to bake it on a pizza stone. This one I'm planning on making a white pizza with ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, garlic, hot dogs and onion topping. I'm drooling now just thinking of it. I also made a mini calzone. Made for Help A Naked Recipe!

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AcadiaTwo September 12, 2012

This recipe is great. I paid for my bread machine in no time. We don't by pizza any more. This dough is so good. Freezes good too just remember to divide the dough into three balls. Wrap the balls in plastic wrap snuggly then put them in a zip top bag. Makes three twelve inch pizzas for us. Wait family thanks soooo much. I always share my recipes that are so good. More people should get to share these little bits of heaven. I would add more stars if I could. JC in Canada

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Jan123_ May 31, 2010

This is the best pizza dough recipe by far. Not only does it taste good, but the dough is much easier to "work" than other doughs I have tried on this website. After stretching out the dough, it doesn't spring back and take me an hour just to make pizza. I have posted this one on the inside of cabinet door and will make it exclusively!

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Augustmomx2 March 02, 2010

amazing...my family and I love it when I make homemade pizza...no longer buy the frozen kind. I divide the dough make pizza with one half and cinnamon rolls with the other half for the next morning with coffee

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makeupgenie2004 February 04, 2010

Great stuff!!!!

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HydeeCoop December 28, 2009

Mmmm...Delicious and easy!

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Agape Artist November 08, 2009

We love this recipe! Thanks so much. I substituted olive oil for the butter and used all bread flour. I also doubled the recipe and was able to get 8 personal-sized pizza crusts, one medium and one large. I half-baked each crust for 7 minutes at 425 degrees, poking first with a fork to prevent puffing. We used 4 of the pre-baked crusts for lunch, adding out favorite toppings and baking for another 7 minutes. They were delicious! I wrapped and froze the others for future meals. Thanks for a great recipe!

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glendaembree September 17, 2009
Wait Family Pizza Dough (Bread Machine)