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I tend to make all my cakes this way now, as I never seem to have eggs when I want cake, and can't be stuffed going to the store. I have also made this as a spice cake by leaving out the cocoa and adding a few teaspoons of various spices i.e. cinnamon, ginger, allspice. I sometimes substitute yogurt for the vegetable oil, for a bit richer flavour. You *must* use self-raising flour (or make your own by adding 2 tsp of baking powder per cup of flour) so the vinegar has something to react with, otherwise you will get a flat lump lacking that essential springy cakeness.

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Shoga-chan September 15, 2007

I made these as muffins rather than one cake and they turned out well. I forgot that I was going to add vanilla and, due to a lack of real sugar at our corner shop, had to use "half-spoon" sugar where you only use half the amount. I don't know what that did to the consistency but it may not have made much difference. Very easy to make and my vegan friend was happy just because I made something she would eat!

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hels July 01, 2005

Missy W., I've made this cake before many times. When my brother was young, he had terrible allergy problems and asthma. He was put on a special diet by a naturopath. This cake was one treat he could have (in moderation) and cheered him up immensely. The rest of the family liked it too. It is a little less rich than some cakes and turns out moist every time. It's also very quick and easy to prepare.

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rangapeach September 08, 2004
Wacky Cake