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Congratulations on winning first prize - you deserve it...this is an excellent combination of flavors. I started searching for the peppadew peppers from Day One of the Zaar World Tour and have not found them in any grocery stores, specialty or gourmet markets here in Orlando (I've been looking everywhere for weeks), so substituted sun dried tomatoes. I did find the fontal cheese at Whole Foods and shame on you for introducing me to it...that stuff is creamy heaven. I probably wouldn't use it on pizza again, at least this one, since it's flavor gets lost by the strong blue cheese and mozzarella would work just as well for less $. I used white flour only; otherwise my husband wouldn't eat this and only baked once about 15 minutes to cook the dough and toppings, which were overdone. Next time I'll check it after 10-12 minutes or reduce to 425 degrees. It seems like a lot of changes but the pepperoni and blue cheese were delicious together - go pepper blue!

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FLKeysJen July 11, 2008
V's Pepper Blue Pizza