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As with a few other reviewers, I found the time to be too short, but my roast was a bit larger. I think I had a 4 lb roast and it took 9 hours to be fork tender. It was an easy recipe and it tastes good - so I'm happy. I didn't think it would cook in 6 hours, though, so I counted on 8. We still ate an hour late :-). I did salt and pepper, then brown the roast on high heat in my Dutch oven, simply because I'm used to doing that and think it is helpful to do. It's the only change I made - it does make for more mess and add 10 minutes to the prep.

I also agree with another reviewer who suggested using a wine you'd like to drink vs. a cheap wine that you wouldn't drink. It really makes a difference. I used to think it was a waste, but after some experiments, I found that it is more important than I thought.

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GFJane September 18, 2011

FANTACTIC! This was my first try doing a Bottom Round roast in a crock pot. The flavor was terrific. I did add 3 minced cloves of garlic and 1/3 c minced celery and celery leaves along with the rest of your ingredients (our favorite :) ). It took longer than the written time (my roast just fit in a 5 qt. oval crock pot) but the results were worth the wait. It was perfect for slicing and I wanted the gravy to chill overnight so I could skim the fat off before I thickened the gravy your way. I did add a can of mushrooms because I had them.) & 1 1/2 tsp Kitchen Bouquet (only becsuse I didn't brown the roast before I put it in the crock pot - Old habits are hard to change :( .) I shouldn't have worried. This recipe "Rocks"! It's easy and delicious. I served it with Parsley Mashed Potatoes.

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gypsygal January 10, 2010

FANTASTIC. I used Vidalia onions and added 4 oz. of "gourmet mix" mushrooms. When roast was done, I added just a little cornstarch to the gravy and blended it with an immersion blender. It was so delicious I wanted to DRINK it. Served with blue cheese mashed potatoes. We all ate so much no one could move afterwards. It was worth it!

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allisonlowehuff June 04, 2009

Very sorry I know that the ratings on your dish was all five stars, but mine came out tough. I followed the directions exactly as written. But when I crock pot a bottom round I always cook it for eight hours and it always comes out tender. We did love the flavor of the meat very much and my gravy was also excellent, it just needed to cook a little longer. Sorry, I would make this recipe again but just longer.

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dragonpawz February 01, 2010

The best pot roast recipe hands down. The only thing I did differently was instead of salt & pepper, I used a Montreal steak seasoning. No need to brown the meat beforehand. The juice makes an excellent gravy. Just thicken with corn starch.

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teribee October 23, 2014

This by far is the best Roast recipe I have tried. I followed the recipe exactly and it couldn't have been easier. GREAT RECIPE! Thanks!

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JFitz September 28, 2009

The meat is good, a tiny tiny bit dry, but it's still very yummy. And the onion sauce with the juices is my favorite food since today. The combination is more than anything in the earth, the salty meat and the sweet onions...wow. I blended the onions a little, not much. I can't stop eating, I have to wait for my husband and I can't stop. I cooked the meat for almost 7 hours, turning it after 6 hours.

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torigb666 May 09, 2008

Delicious! I made this exactly as written and used a very good quality red wine I had left over from another dinner. The only suggestion I would make here is to use a good red wine as opposed to a supermarket bought red cooking wine; it will make all the difference. Mashed red potatoes and sauteed tarragon peas and carrots completed the meal. This one is a keeper!

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Stefanie #3 December 09, 2009

Tender, moist and flavorful. I had a 5lb bottom round roast so I doubled the ingredients. Like a previous reviewer, I also thickened the juices with cornstarch and whizzed them to make gravy. Yum! Thanx for sharing.

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*Parsley* October 16, 2009

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Last time I had pot roast, my parents WAY overcooked it, so I was wary to try it again. I got a bottom roast for super-cheap at the grocery store, so I tried this recipe since it had such great reviews. It pulled apart like string cheese and I can totally relate to the girl who couldn't wait for her husband to get home to eat it! This is very VERY good, kinda tastes like beef stew. I made this with mushrooms and substituted cranberry juice for red wine since I am 20. WONDERFUL!!! and easy :-D

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bridgetm February 15, 2009
V's Crock Pot Bottom Round Roast