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This cake is fantastic. FYI, cook it at 350. It doesn't say what temperature to cook it. My stepson is very picky with chocolate cake. I made it for my husband and step son for Valentine's Day and they love it.

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wyt_fyr1 February 15, 2010

I am sorry, but I was not that impressed with this. For the amount of time it takes to make it ( and I followed each step to the T), I expected a moist, amazing cake to blow me away. It just tasted like chocolate cake to me, and this might be one of those rare instances when I think a mix is better. The 30 minute bake time is WAY too long, and I even baked one of the layers for 20 minutes ( after I saw that 30 minutes overcooked the other two layers). Still, with the addition of sour cream and mayo I expected melt on your mouth, and all I got was cake. Regular cake. <br/> Normally, I would say that maybe it was an off day and I would give it a try again on another day, but all of the steps involved in making this ( and I DID do the freezing of the layers, and all the extras), its just not worth it to revisit the recipe. Hopefully the Cake Gods were just not with me today, and other people have a good experience with it. Warning, though, PLEASE watch the baking time closely if you choose to give this recipe a try. <br/>Thanks anyway. :)

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Retro Kali April 21, 2013
V's Chocolate Coma Cake (Triple Layer)