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This cake is outstanding! I made it for a church potluck last weekend. Someone made a similar version, without the candy bars and glaze. Mine was a huge hit! I used five snack size Almond Joy bars, halved, and five snack size Mounds bars, halved. Rather than stir the candy into the cake batter, I evenly spaced the halved bars on top of the cake batter in the pan and gently pressed the bars into the batter, barely covering each piece with cake batter. The glaze is a must have; do not leave it off! It is like the fudge icing on a chocolate doughnut. Thanks, Jane, for a fabulous new recipe. :)<br/><br/>P.S. My cake took 55 minutes to be perfectly done. After the recommended time, I kept checking at five minute intervals till the cake was slightly pulling away from the sides of the pan and till I got a tiny bit of "bounce back" to a finger touch in the cake's center.

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Lanie-Wife September 12, 2013

Very good cake!

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padreaming August 24, 2012
Volcano Cake (Paula Deen's)